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The chances of injury

The chances of injury

What main kinds of injury are we really likely to cause ourselves if not careful?

I ask this because when I started PE in April 2003 I was having great erections, and they only got better when I started.

It was later discussions with my girlfriend of the time that got me thinking, and thus depressed. This depression saw a downward spiral in erection quality.

To get one was easy enough, but there was little CS and glans engorgement, which meant less length and girth; this naturally added to the problem.

A while back, I got quite scared that I might have venous leakage. So I ask:

1) Is it possible to injure the vascular system of your penis without every feeling pain? I have never gone to the pain level of any exercise. Also, I have only had three bouts of numbness and they lasted 10 seconds or less (from incorrect or inaccurate Bib starter usage).

2) How does the venous system really work? I read about how the large inflow causes the walls to expand, constricting the veins at the surface, and therefore outflow. But what are the veins pressing against? My excessive use of a moisturiser with vitamin E has left with with rather stretchy skin, and my veins simply do not show up on my erections any more. It’s like I have more skin than my CC’s/CS can fill. I’m hoping that pumping will help correct this. But anyway, is a tight set of skin necessary for a hard erection?

3) Could any of the following really be causing my problems?

1) For nearly a year from the point where I started PE I did weights, but no cardio. I put on some muscle mass. Apparently this puts extra strain on the heart, if you don’t couple it with cardio. Is this true?

2) Since then, I haven’t done any cardio, or indeed any exercise apart from walking really. I’m not unfit, or fat, but when I do exercise my heart beat is erratic, irregular. Quite worrying actually.

Given how unhappy I have been in the past and the fact that I was fine before I started PE and therefore worrying about size, I would imagine this is all in my head. But could this also be why I don’t get morning erections like I used to get without fail, just over a year ago? Could it be why the fairly numerous spontaneous erections I get aren’t 110% like they used to be? And also, when I do get morning erections, they aren’t 110%, like they used to be?

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I’ve had several injuries and negative symptoms from PE.

A bunch of thrombosed veins. I’m extremely prone to them.

A long-lasting bout of reduced sensitivity brought on by overzealousness in hanging/ADSing.

Another bout of reduced sensitivity that began suddenly last week during a set of extreme Ulis. Maybe I tightened too much or did too many sets. Hard to say. These kinds of injuries come on suddenly with no warning and can happen even to those of us who have been doing this a while. PE is risky. Accept the risk and try to be careful or don’t do it.

Other symptoms from PE:

Several episodes of my glans and CS not filling upon erection. Rock hard CC’s, but hardly any blood in the head. Squeezes and other intense girth exercises seem to cause this. I don’t understand why it happens. A few weeks off from girth exercises allows the head to perk back up.

Weak erections and fewer or no nocturnal erections. Off and on. Again, a rest seems to perk things up again. This doesn’t seem to be as exercise-specific as the head thing. Most any PE can cause it. Probably overtraining.

Time off seems to cure almost any problem. In the case of reduced sensation or thrombosed veins, this may require several months of rest or reduced PE. Overall, I’m impressed with how resilient my dick is.

It would seem to be a case of fanatic over training. You know you are doing extreme measures that are causing you problems and you keep doing them.

What is your blood pressure anyway? That irregular heartbeat thing doesn’t sound good. Ever had your cholesterol checked?

It’s time now that you practiced moderation and achieving your goal on a steady even keeled basis instead of always having to take time off to heal up.

Be the tortoise, not the hare.

1) For nearly a year from the point where I started PE I did weights, but no cardio. I put on some muscle mass. Apparently this puts extra strain on the heart, if you don’t couple it with cardio. Is this true?

No, not unless you’re a drug-using, freaky-huge bodybuilder. Some of them have reported feeling their hearts can’t keep up when at their heaviest. Fine at 220-230 lbs., but at 250, 260 or whatever they experience what seems to be insufficient cardio function to support that much mass. Just passing on what I’ve read.

Yeah, I’d get the heartbeat thing checked out if it persists.

How good is your diet? Might try adding a magnesium supplement (probably a calcium/magnesium combo, 2:1 ratio), and make sure you’re getting enough potassium too. Eat some bananas and/or use salt substitute (potassium chloride) in place of table salt. Magnesium will probably help the most.

If you’re taking any stimulating supplements such as yohimbe, stop for a while and see if your heartbeat improves. Cut out caffeine too.

Ok, from what you’ve said so far:

1) Will cut out caffeine. I don’t get that much anyway.
2) More bananas, just started this anyway.

Other than that I might have been to dramatic with my description of my situation. And another thing, I’m certainly not overdoing it with the PE! I’ve just taken a three week break and only started on light pumping just now.

I have to apologise almost, as it looks like I’d subconsciously like it to be physical, as that’s easier to comprehend than the more likely psychological problems I am having.

Thankyou for your replies, they brought me down to earth a bit.

If I am ever at a stage where I am really happy with my penis and I still have problems, I’ll call on you again. Until then, I’m just being a depressed head case. :)

Ok, from what you’ve said so far:

1) Will cut out caffeine. I don’t get that much anyway.
2) More bananas, just started this anyway.

Don’t forget the magnesium. I had a severe case of palpitations a few years ago that cleared up after adding a magnesium supplement.

Looks like a trip to the chemist is in order.

I’ll add it, but I think it’s just all this sitting at a computer and not exercising at all, then pushing myself as far as I used to when I was fit (I was once very fit, played rugby).

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