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Testosterone Therapy?


An SSRI will cure 1 and possibly 4, but as you know, you really need your test results back, to make an informed decision. All an SSRI will do is create an abundance of the neurotransmitter serotonin between brain cells (rough explaination, very vague). It certainly wont help many of the other problems you have. Hopefully your doctor will have some good insight to this. Good luck. :)

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Well, went to the doc today. After a long talk, he decided to treat with Effexor.

I questioned him on the HRT, possible low T; basically, he stated that starting HRT is someone as young as me is a very risky treatment, and I could every well become testosterone dependant. True enough, good point.

He also said that the depression could be causing the low T; keep in mind, twice I’ve been tested, it’s been in the “normal” range, but on the lower end. That…bothers me, but isn’t necessarily unhealthy, or in need of treatment. Regardless, he’s opting to treat the depression first, and see where that goes. I actually couldn’t even talk him into testing my T, which I’m more than curious about.

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