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Testicular pain.

Testicular pain.

Hey guys, I have been experiencing testicular pain for quite a few months now. Usually the pain would set in after walking for a long duration. But now I get the pain randomly and after edging.

I tried checking my testes for any lumps and fortunately there were none. But I have noticed that my left testicle has developed varicocele veins. Could this be the reason for my pain? My right testicle doesn’t seem to have any varicocele vein. But it still pains at times. I’m not really sure what’s going on here. Can someone guide me as to what might be the reason for this pain?

Did you hurt your back before the pain started?

I suddenly had pain in one testicle this summer for no apparent reason, I also had minor back problem. The diagnosis was a minor slipped disc and after doing some rehab it disappeared.

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Nope, no back pain at all.

For what it’s worth, I had left testicle pain 2-3 years ago, along with pain through the vas deferens going up toward the prostate. I visited a urologist, and after determining that I had neither cancer nor kidney stones, he sent me home with a diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain. Medical science does not fully understand chronic pain conditions, although they have made much progress over the last couple decades. He told me that it’s not rare for a man to experience it at some point in their adulthood, that its causes are manifold and usually not worth the effort to determine, and that it typically resolves itself over a period of a 1-5 years. In my case it took about 1 year. I still occasionally feel it, but the intensity of the pain is now so low that it doesn’t bother me.

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