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Testicle Size

Testicle Size

Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum only have to because of my new membership.. Anyways my testicles are about 1.6 -1.75 inches long. I know I don’t have the biggest but I don’t think it matters because I am pretty dang muscular and I have a large Adam’s apple and plenty of hair. What do you guys think on the size and is there any concern? I always was very concerned that they may be too small.

Hi zman, welcome to Thunders Place.

I also reckon my balls are pretty small but I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter so much. It is widely held that bigger balls = more testosterone production but at a guess (without testing) I think I am fine.

My balls also vary in size depending on stresses put on my body. I came across a website that linked the amount of semen you shoot to your ideal, healthy ball size.

It said if you shoot at least a teaspoon then your balls are functioning fine and are at their optimal size. I think even by the 8th or 9th spurt more than a teaspoon comes out at a time. The bulk is in the first 5 or 6 with sometimes a huge amount in the very first. So the total would be far greater than a teaspoon. Yet I have small balls …

My wife also says she thinks I still have the hormone levels as if I am in puberty. I’m 31 now so I guess that means hypogonadism hasn’t set it yet.

Aside from typical sayings like “he must have some big bollocks to do that”, I’m beginning to think there is no real benefit to big balls. Old wives tale or something. I would like to have big balls but not having them isn’t hindering my life in any way. If you have enough testosterone to get muscular and you have enough to get a hard erection then any additional size is just aesthetics.

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Hey thanks man and from your pictures I would say you have a total normal size testicles and you have a big penis. What are measurements of your testicles?

Zman462 from what I have read yours are relatively normal.

I recently noticed that mine are pretty damn big, one of them is 2.75” long.

I don’t think there are any benefits from this. It does make my penis look smaller though (in combination with my height, wide hips and long femurs).

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I guess mine vary between 1 3/4” (when I measured 3 weeks a go) and 2 1/4” when I just measured now. They will vary more than this probably because admittedly I have only measured them twice in my life. I think daily massage must keep them happier and more plump.

When it comes down to it it is probably more in your head than anything someone will pick up on. You told me you think I have normal sized balls but in my pictures they will have measured the same as yours. I’d probably see yours at the exact same size and think they were fine.

My progress log and pics

Jan 2016 _ 8" BPEL _ 5 6/16" MEG | Mar 2016 _ 8 1/4" BPEL _ 5 7/16" MEG

Oct 2017 _ 8" BPEL _ 5 1/4" MEG

I don’t know what constitutes big or average balls. Mine are about the size extra large eggs. They make loud slap sounds when I’m doing my wife doggy style. I feel like they also make my dick look small. I have wide hips, big legs and an average dick (6x5). Looks tiny though. Balls don’t help that perception either.

Is there an average ball size?

I wouldn’t worry to much about your ball size. I have always had big balls and both of my sons do and my dad does too it’s a family curse really. I say that because when I was 18 I was 170lbs and 7x5 NBP and because of my balls my dick looks small. Also I end up sitting them from time to time and it’s easier to get nailed there by the kids. I wish I could make mine just a little smaller.

I was worried about my balls too but after 1 week of taking “Zinc gluconate” my balls got hella bigger and I never have shootvthis much cum as I have had ever in my life.

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