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Testicle Massages.


Originally Posted by westla90069
Even though penis enlargement exercises have not undergone a university study, the principles of how PE works have. It’s not a matter of me believing in PE exercises. I know they work because I understand the physiology of micro-tears and repairs and added cellular growth under tension or pressure. Measurable things. Logical things.

More importantly perhaps, we know PE works becuase all of us in this forum have done the “experiments”. On another board, I linked to Thunders, and mentioned PE. I was informed that it was not scientifically possible. So I said, “but I’ve got a bigger dick!”. But it did not wash. People think that science is reading journals containing “experts” opinions. It is not. Science is based on experimental data. The people on the other board were not only ready to refute my data, they were also not willing to generate their own data, because they believe doctors when they say it’s impossible. So why try?

So I am going to get my wife to try these testicle exercises on me, just in case they’re just crazy enough to work.

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As a martial artist, I’m interested in chi whether it is actually real. I can’t say.
I do believe in god, so if he is real than other mystical phenomenon must exist as well.

I’m willing to try anything that can provide a positive benefit to myself.

Similar to marky777, I think it’s good to keep an open mind about things. In order to explore the boundaries, you have to be prepared to give it a try, especially if there is a good reward if it works. Like a bigger unit. For me I know PE works, I don’t know how, I don’t know if it really is the micro tears or not. I don’t think it’s important to intellectualise it, just recognise that it works and do it. But then, I’m not an overly scientific guy. I do prefer to watch a science doco, compared to a religious doco tho. Maybe I lie somewhere in the middle.

It can’t hurt to try these things. Writing things off because the data isn’t there yet to prove it could be a mistake. I’m definately glad I tried PE. If I were sick and Western medicine wasn’t helping me, I’d try the Eastern stuff in a heartbeat.

Originally Posted by man-of-10
To maximise testosterone you should only ejaculate once a week at the same time each week. In addition you should have lots of sex without ejaculating

Where did you get this information from?
I’m just curious.

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