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Testicle Massages.

dk75 and I are on the same page for sure. You know chi has been documented as working and being very real. Thermal imaging cameras have been used to document any changes in the body temperature of someone performing chikong(chi exercises). The practitioner was asked to direct the chi into specific body parts and the thermal imagining camera picked up the heat transfer into these parts with astonish results. The results from the camera correlated perfectly with the asigned tasks.

Chi comes from a place in the lower abdomen called Dantian, located between the kidneys. Practioners in the higher art of Chikong, circulate chi around the body from the dantian, using specialised breathing, visualization and sensory techniques. The higher art can be very dangerous if not used by an expert, as the chi becomes too strong and trapped if not used properly and replaced back into the dantain after use. Chi must be able to flow and not become trapped. The lower art of chikong is less powerful and completely safe, as it does not evoke the complete powers in the dantian, which can be too much for non experts to control. Lower chikong is used for increasing vitality and health throughout the body. Higher chikong is used for both this and to increase the power of the body in martial art. Making it possible for iron bars to be broken over the skull, with no harm to the practitioner. I have witnessed it myself. 2 inch thick wooden staves, smashed across the arm and breaking the stave in 2 with no ill effect or even marks on the practioner being hit. The practioner needs to push the chi into the required place first, then after being used, replace the chi back into the dantian.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

If using reflexology, one can stimulate the testicles from the inner part of the ankle, just below the bump. And following a line across the top of the foot will stimulate the vas deferns. You do not have to handle the testicles themselves to stimulate with reflexology.

Acupuncture is different.

Both work.

Thunder, chances are your supposition is correct, they were seeing the tensing of muscle which creates heat. Chi won’t show per se, it is within the blood.

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Thunder, the camera showed the heat rising from the lower abdomen, into the chest and through into the arms. It was rising in a collum, in the centre of the torso, not on the outer muscles.

I am a Reiki practitioner, which is a form of Chi(Ki) healing, through the hands in particular. Within 5 mins of me using Reiki my hands are very hot indeed and I won’t have even tensed my arms or hands in any way what so ever. With Chi comes an abundance of comfortable heat. Chi is energy, Chi can be coverted into other forms of energy such as heat and also increase the heat by increased blood circulation regulated by the amount of Chi. Where the Chi goes, the heat follows. I am speaking from experience.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

So sunny is saying chi won’t show and Gotta is saying it will?? sunny says muscles are involved, Gotta says no?? I don’t know anything about chi, but I have a feeling a lot of this type of stuff is belief generated.

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Re: Testicle Massages.

I’m glad to see I’m not alone in experiencing this phenomenon. I first began receiving messages from my testicles in early puberty. Ever since, Testicle Messages have been an every day occurrence and they are usually most pronounced when in the company of women well endowed in the hiney region.

I can assure you from my experiences that Chi is very real. Just to name another system to use Chi (Japanese: KI, Korean: GI): I’ve learned a system called REIKI. I treated different friends and even people that were no believers felt the flow of Chi and how it helped to cure them.
If you are interested be careful: There are as many REIKI fakers out there as people that try to sell you PE devices that don’t work. Check the list on for the name of the master you are going to ask about REIKI.


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Lol Thunder. Well…..Reiki is two japanese words combined. Rei(devine,God, spirit etc) and Ki(energy, essence). Reiki means devine guided energy. Ki, Gi, Qi and Chi are just different pronounciations from different Asian origins, for the same thing. Ki is the essence of all living and none living things. It is in effect everything, as Ki comes in different forms. A rock is a different form of Ki compared to, living forms, or energy and even consciounce. Ki can change forms, and it does within our body all the time. Ki enters into our body through a reserviour or sea of Ki located between the kidneys. We are given a certain amount to live on through our life. This is our savings account. Take too much out through waisting effects and you will be in debt and become ill. Ki can be extremely abundant for your whole life if used in the correct mannor. Ki transforms into everything which makes you up, your body matter, the energy which keeps you alive, your consciousness. All are manifested forms of Ki.

Now Reiki is different as it is a form of healing with Ki. What makes Reiki different to other forms of Ki healing, is that other Ki healing methods use you as the healer, where you have to direct the Ki and use your own Ki energy to heal something. Reiki does not work that way. Reiki is devine guided Ki, which enters your body, with you as the channel for it. It has it’s own guided way of working and it is independant of your own Ki. Reiki works without you guiding it, unlike other Ki healing work. Although you can direct it’s flow, you cannot control how it will do it’s work. Possibly connected to a higher conciousness of your own self which you are not aware of, or connected to a devine understanding. Perhaps something else, no one can be sure. It has different properties to Ki alone. It seems to go to the place which needs healing the most and works towards the ultimate benefit. Where as Ki can be used to harm, such as using it’s energy to fight and possibly kill someone with, Reiki cannot be controlled for your own benefit and harm of anything else. Reiki will only work for the benefit of all things.

Hope that helps Thunder.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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It seems like there are very experienced people here that know about Taoist techniques.

I want to do some of these exercises to see whether it can have some effects. However the first exercise that says roll over the testicles 36 times… I have never known that testicles were disconnected from the skin and kind of float inside and we can roll over as much as we wish. Well I have seen porn movies that the girls take the testicles in their mouth and play with it,etc… I have also played with my balls….
However my concern is the testicles are connected finally to somewhere and the semens pass through that connection. Could it possible that we may endanger this connection by this roll over exercise?

If anybody know the anatomy of the testicles and how safe this might be, tell this board about their views, that would be very helpful. I would just like to diversify my hobby in paying attention to my manhood.
The other exercises sound like safer.

cheatah, each testicle is attached through a cord which extends up past the penis, up around the bladder area, combining into one cord along the way somewhere, then looping round to enter into the urethra. The semen travels along there and can, through experience, be controlled to wash into the bladder, instead of out through the penis. I do not use this technique however, but it allows you to know that it is interconnected with the bladder. My methods of non-ejaculating climax are different.

The cords can be pulled on but with a force no more than 2 lbs. More than that can eventually cause damadge. You first said how the book described lightly smacking the testicles 36 times. There is no problem with this so long as you don’t overdo it. Now you say rolling 36 times. I don not now in which fashion they mean, but so long as the force you aplly doesn’t reach over 2 lbs downwards on the cords, then it should be fine. I suggest you start off being gentle with everything you do, until you know what you can handle and get a sense of what your own balls like and what you are doing. Cheatah you don’t need to do every single exercise in the book. Try a couple at a time. The massging of the tescticles applies very little downward pressure, and is excellent for their health. I massage my balls for 5 mins a day. If this is what they mean by rolling then I would do more than 36. The light smacking sounds good too. Stretching the scrotum skin on it’s own is very good too and I do this with lots of force. Never ever use lots of force when applying to the actual testicles though. The massaging can be fairly firm, but be a bit more gentle over the places where the cords attach onto each end of the balls.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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If you can direct your Chi to heal yourself and others, and it can be concentrated to protect an individual from physical harm, why can you not direct it to make your penis longer or thicker?

Does Reiki work without a belief in a superior being? Will it work for atheists?

The mind is a very powerful organ. Isn’t it possible that all of this occcurs there and not from a pool of mystical energy stashed between the kidneys?

Westla are you telling me that you think the power of the mind can cause the body to transform and shield off harm from smashing bricks with your hand, breaking iron bars over the head with speed etc? The mind could make you believe it wasn’t harming you, but it couldn’t actually stop the harm. The energy comes from the Dantian between the kidneys. The mind can be used as a tool to use the energy yes, but it is not the location of the energy source. If these martial art/chikong experts tried manifesting the energy from the Dantain between the kidneys and failed to do so because the energy didn’t really come from there, that would mean they would come to harm when they took part in their feats and stunts of power. And they don’t fail at these feats, so they are doing things right.

Reiki works whether you believe in God/gods/godesses/fairies/nothing. You have to become attuned to the Reiki energy, and then you are set to go. You need to believe in being able to perform Reiki, inorder for you to commit yourself fully to doing it. An uncommitted attemp will cause only a weak flow of Reiki at best. However, your belief of where Reiki comes from or what it is, is an irrelevance. It’s ALL about the doing of Reiki, not the theorising and intelectualising of it.

Using chi on your penis for gains is probably not a good idea, as the results of doing so cannot be predetermined. It may infact cause the penis to become strong and resiliant against your efforts to change it through micro tearing. Using chi to increase the strength and vitality of the penis is a good idea, but after you have reached the size you want and don’t want to grow more. I do not use Reiki to help my dick grow either, as Reiki cannot be controlled in the work it performs and I have no idea whether the devine guided energy would help me attain a bigger penis or not. It may work against growth, as who am I to confess I know that life will work out best if I have a bigger dick? Reiki goes beyond the limits of my meager knowledge.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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When the penis has poor blood flow, the testicles as well will suffer. This condition can turn in to a vicious cycle. Poor testicle blood flow > produces insufficient testosterone > which contributes to poor nocturnal erections > which contributes to poor testicle blood flow >.

By establishing good penile blood flow > the testicles will automatically have increased blood flow > which enables them to produce more testosterone > which helps with nocturnal erections > which maintains good penile blood flow >.

The blood supply of the testicles isn’t increased to full flow in a matter of minutes, it’s something that can take days to accomplish.

I believe that it’s good to massage the testicles, but I don’t believe that it will help improve their blood supply significantly. The one thing that has helped in my case is penile exercising (jelq, stretch, sex, etc.). Consequently, my testicles are significantly larger (better blood supply) through out the day, everyday, all of the time. As a result of this, it makes good sense to realize that they are also working better.

The above are just my thoughts on this issue from my own experience.



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