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Testicle Cancer

Testicle Cancer

I found a lump on my left testicle… I’m scared to death to go to the doctor… It’s been there for maybe 2 years…. It hasn’t gotten bigger or anything…. but it’s just there. I’m wondering has anyone else out there found something similiar on thier testicle and it turned out to be not cancerous?


You could well be feeling your epididymis. You have one on each testicle and this is normal. Of course, it could be some other object.

Get yourself checked out. Testicular cancer is not common. Odds are much in your favor that you will feel very relieved after a visit with your doc. Ask him/her teach you how to do a proper self check at home.

This site describes the proceedure.…m/testexam.html



You can also go read the article on Cancer Warning signs. That has good information in it.

But yes, go to the doc and get it checked out. Why worry needlessly when you can have peace of mind. Besides, IF and should it be something serious, which I doubt, you need to have your butt kicked for not going sooner.

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Originally posted by sunshinekid
…you need to have your butt kicked for not going sooner.

You said that right, Sunny!




Yes I have had a noticable lump on just one testicle for years. My family Doctor examined it and said it was nothing to worry about.

However defineatly DO get it checked out. Better than having to worry about it and if it is something, the earlier detected the better for doing something about it. Also I beleive testicular cancer is the #1 form of cancer for men in their 20’s.

Don’t wait, just make the appointment so you can get back to normal living.

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