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techniques for the smaller ones

techniques for the smaller ones

There are many members here which are between 5 and 6 inches erect, in which category I fall as well.

Thank god many of them seem to have a good sex life as well. I was wondering if some would like to share their techniques/ positions how to make their girls still go crazy. I am just curious and would love to get some good advices. I think it would be good help to hear about that for many here. Thanks a lot!

Use your tongue! Lick that slit like it’s an ice cream cone. Suck on those lips. Pull them apart and lick the insides. Run your tongue in circles around her clit. When she’s hot, suck that clit between your lips. Once you’ve covered your face with pussy juice, you could please her with a 1 inch dick!

In other words, FOREPLAY! Become the best at it! Then dick size is an after thought.


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