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Swollen Tissue

Swollen Tissue

Hi guys, whenever I jelq I notice that the area of skin that joins from the shaft to the ball sack (base of the penis) becomes swollen and puffy. It is very annoying as it interefers with jelqing. After a small jelqing session this area that Im talking about becomes red and sort of bruised. It seems as if there is a lump but I dont feel anything. I only notice it when I try to jelq, and to be honest I only started to experience it when I tried pumping a few months ago. The bit of extra skin I am talking about use to get sucked into the tube and it would swell, but now it happens when I jelq.It just seems to be swollen inner tissue or something along those lines. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

My guess is that it’s just skin - partly shaft, partly scrotal - that now tends to swell a little bit when it’s constricted (OK grip). Try changing hands, or your grip, and see if that makes a difference.

We should always be suspicious of lumps that appear anywhere. Glad you don’t have one.



Thanks avocet8, you descibed what I couldnt perfectly! I will try changing grips, never thought of that. Thanks for the idea.

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