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Sweaty balls


Use cornstarch.

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a529612 what’s your height and weight?

Originally Posted by mgus
This was the question:

to which you reply

It doesn’t matter how many smilies you put in there, it comes off as rude, insensitive and … not really to the point.

lighten up!

-Rational Dreamer

Originally Posted by a529612

My balls get very sweaty and smell bad at times. What’s the best way to keep my boys dry? I’m bald down under and shower everyday.

Try showering more than once a day then. And if you exercise, add on yet another for good measure. Sweaty balls ain’t bad. Smelly is. So if you can’t avoid perspiration down there, then atleast go for diligent cleanliness.

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I don’t know huff, did you read the thread about what happens to guys that shower to much? Ask Supersize, it’s not pretty, one guy got a fungus. It stripped the oils from their skin giving them all kinds of painful skin problems.

We better let the sweaty ball expert handle this one.

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Man can you imagine going into the doctor’s office - like someone here suggested - and telling the doctor what your problem is.
Or even worse, when you book your appointment, you usually have to tell the receptionist what it’s for.

“What is this concerning exactly?”

“Ah…Ummm…errrrr….well…it’s private, I can’t tell.”

“Sorry, did you say your privates smell?”

“Yes, god damn it, I’ve got smelly balls okay! Are you happy?”

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

I agree Pud. We should leave this one to the experts man.

a52….. I’ve got another idea. You can try the unthinkable. How about going without underwear? More room for air to circulate might do the old testes some good.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

a52, are you fat??

What is this going to be, a seven page thread just to tell this fellow to use some baby powder or cornstarch? Geez!

I sweat like crazy. Mostly armpits. When it starts to get really wet under my armpits, before it soaks into my shirt, I use a different part of my shirt to wipe away the moisture. That way the wetness does not accumulate under my arms and give me those embarrassing wet spots under your arms. I think it helps with smell too. If you can find some way to wipe your balls…

Babypowder deodorant works really good for armpits, it is dry and helps keep you dry. I would only use baby powder for the boys, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use deodorant down there.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

I linked to a dermatologist’s article that says it’s perfectly fine to use antiperspirant down there. My experience is that using it for only a few days has long term benefits.

I’ve only had this prob when jogging on really hot days. Since I started trimming/shaving, I no longer have this problem.

So lighten up, no one joins a penis enlargement forum for free medical advice.

People join Thunder’s Place for all kinds of free advice from their fellow man as well as the ladies. In some instances its the best advice from people who may have experienced the same situation, its free, and saves that embarrassing office visit. If smart ass comments are continually made, that will keep people from asking and possibly getting some help. Thunder’s Place is here primarily to help people. Yes, we try to have fun doing it, but not by making fun of other members, their situations, or their questions.

This thread now goes back on to the topic of sweaty balls and all the bickering stops please.

I had a similar problem, not so much excessive sweat, just really, really, rank sweat; balls, armpits, you name it. Deodorants and antiperspirants kept it down some, but when it started to smell, it was in a different class then just what you would consider B.O. It actually smelled, I guess, sickly or acidic. At the same time, I would have a nightmare trying to keep my white dress shirts from developing huge yellow stains in the pits. Again, there wasn’t A LOT of sweat, it was just nastier than I thought it should be.

Mentioned it to a doctor during a routine exam, who proceeded to lecture me about Americans and our fast food, sugar, and alcohol consumptions. It was at that point I started tuning him out. At the time I was one who enjoyed washing my after-dinner Twinkies down with a ice cold beer or four, after my 2 Quarter Pounders w/ Cheese of course. :)

What did manage to get through my shut-up-you-foreign-quack mental block was his suggestion of maintaining a proper intestinal fauna balance with live L. Acidophilus supplements, more active culture yogurt, and a/B fortified milk (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum, which I don’t think you can get everywhere, New Englanders can find it in Oakhurst’s Nu-trish a/B milk).

Anyway, down the road I tried his suggestion, not expecting much, and it worked. It didn’t make sense to me that it would work, but it seemed to fix that problem, along with a few other seemingly unrelated problems. Many, many years later, and I’ve cut almost all processed sugar out of my diet entirely, I still remain aware of my intestinal fauna, and I have no problems at all. I don’t take a/B supplements all the time, but will add some for a while after a drinking binge, or a bout with a cold, virus, or infection, or if I end up on an antibiotic which will many times devastate your intestinal fauna along with the “bad” stuff it’s prescribed for.

It would be interesting to see if you started using some Corn Starch or Baby Powder down there to absorb as much sweat as possible, wore as much natural fiber clothing as you can to allow for breathing, and added some good fauna-building to your diet like live a/B supplements, active culture yogurt, and a/B milk if you can get it.. And see if that improves your problem at all.

Understand, that if you do have an imbalance in your fauna, it will take a while to re-grow to a healthy state, a few pills won’t do it. A few weeks is more like it (in my experience), perhaps less if you limit your intake of sugar, starch and alcohol at the same time.

I’d be really curious to see if this helps your problem.

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