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Supplements for Sperm Motility and Count

Supplements for Sperm Motility and Count

What could be good supplements for better sperm motility and count? I heard of L-Carnitine. Is this right? Would you know of anything else, probably one which also works as a supplement for increasing in size. ;)

Are you trying to get someone pregnant? Do you have a verified low sperm count or problem with motility? Simple supplements are probably not the answer if you have a lab tested problem.

I’m not totally sure, but I thought that Volume Pills help in that matter.

Arimidex and clomid they work well

Zinc and Folic acid

Total normal sperm count increases after combined zinc sulfate and folic acid treatment in both subfertile and fertile men

I’ve had my semen analysis just for fun and I’m worried on 3 entries. It says that the normal range for sperm count is 60-150 million per mL, and I only have 56.7 million per mL. Although, I’ve read through the net that the normal is at least 40 million per mL. I even read not a few sites that claims 20 million per mL is still normal.

Also, the sperm motility was found to be just .3, where the normal is equal or above .6

I’m also worried of my liquefaction time which is more than 1 hr. :(

The positive fields are sperm morphology (I just had a total of .11 abnormal, when the normal is less than .3), pH, viscosity, color and semen volume.

So I guess I have to concentrate on sperm motility and a little on count. Thanks for the all the help so far.:)

There are many studies which indicate that average sperm count has been declining in Western nations. Do a Google on “average sperm count” to find some.

Looks to me like you fall in an OK range, count wise. Keep in mind, too, that even if some of your numbers are a little off average, there are many tricks that fertility doctors suggest: positions in intercourse, positions for her to assume after ejaculation; and that liquifaction time changes within a vagina from what it might be in your palm or wherever.

Better, if you are not trying to make babies, to concentrate on how not to make one - until you want one. :)



Thanks! It sounds to me that you’re knowledgeable on this stuff. Hehe, but I still want to ensure that I can make one when I want one. Good point, though! ;)

I guess I would go take another analysis after several months of taking some of the supplements that you guys suggest. I hope I’ll see better numbers. And by the way, I just took it once, and it’s also possible that I’m just not that well that time. I hope I only was. :)

Are arimidex and clomid prescription medicines?

I know about having a low sperm count. It’s part of my health condition.

Arimidex is a prescription drug. Arimidex is used to treat high estrogen in males and from what I understand not for infertility. It’s used in other medical areas but not to increase ones sperm count.

Clomid is used for fertility but I’m not sure how effective it is within males.

You should consider making an appointment for an Urologist and if an Urologist cannot assist, ask to be referred toward an Endocrine specialist. Endocrine specialists handle hormonal disorders, etc. You need to get more proper blood work done to conclude why your sperm count is a bit low. Could be your age, health, or something else minor that can be corrected with medication(s).

Remember, a low sperm count doesn’t mean you can’t have a child. There are other medical factors involved. But, if you have been trying and is unsuccessful, please seek why.

If you want to know if you are infertile, please after you have done the proper blood work from an Urologist, Endocrine, or Fertility specialist, check your LH and FSH hormone levels. Please research. They both conclude if your testes is properly producing sperm or testosterone. My LH and FSH levels will be forever low thus, I cannot have children and my body doesn’t produce enough sperm on it’s own.

It gets more complicated especially dealing with hormones, but make an appointment with your primary care doctor and let that person refer you toward one of those specialist. Make sure you also research and I hope you don’t have a more serious health problem.

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Are arimidex and clomid prescription medicines?

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