Summertime!?!? Any correlation....

I have a problem, last year during the summer, I could not figure out for the life of me why my libido went down so low.

I thought I had the problem fixed, it just so happened to be the beginning of winter. Now, here we are, nearly the SAME exact time as when I joined here in search of a way to make my penis healthy — a.k.a get erections. It seems as though I no longer have a lot of sensitivity, and my sex life has driveled away to nothing. When I try to have sex, I last a few pumps and it’s done. However, during the mid-winter, I was fucking like a madman lasting 30+ minutes.

It just seems so ironic that this has happened all in the same time period. I am going to do what I did last time to help, but was what I did really what helped it?! I thought people are supposed to be in worse shape during the winter :( boo.

Anyone else with this problem, or ideas to a solution?

It sucks because this is the best time of year: girls with skirts, beach, partying, etc.

Start: NBP: 6 - Girth: 4.7

Now: NBP: 7 - Girth: A hair below 5"

Goals: NBP - 7.5 .... Girth - 5.5