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Stronger erection on the second go

Stronger erection on the second go

Ok, so I have a fairly short recovery period between masturbation. I have been cutting down recently a lot as many people have recommended on this forum, and it’s true that I have become a lot more aroused recently :P

But one thing I’ve been meaning to ask for a while, is:

“Do any of you get a stronger erection when you masturbate again soon after the first time?”

This has always happened to me as far as I can remember, my dick is a lot more rigid the second time around, and I get a slight ache around the bottom of my shaft, around the BC muscle area. Does anyone have any views on this? Do you reckon it’s because of the kegelling I naturally do whilst knocking one out on the first attempt?


Currently not doing PE


It’s normal. Also, in general, your second erection closely following the first ejaculation will have less girth, ironically.



I was like that too when I was in my teens and 20s.

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