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Strange Question


Strange Question

This isn´t your average question for a Thunder´s post but anyway:

When you get a full errection (this is for uncut people by the way), does the skin on your penis stretch back fully down the shaft, i.e. is the shaft long enough to make that happen, or do you have foreskin bunched up a bit against the glans?

I ask because my frenulum is still strong, and so holds the skin up there, and also because I´m not long enough to stretch the skin out!

My main question is, is it a part of the growth cycle for the frenulum to weaken considerably (almost disappear) and for the skin to be stretched more or less completely when erect? One way of answering this would be science, but another would be what happens when you get erect (if you´re uncut).

Any input would be welcome!

Hey ICM,

Good question. I am uncut and I am able to fully pull back my foreskin. I have always been able to do this, and actually i dont ever remeber my foreskin being too tight to be able to pull back. When i get an erection, the foreskin goes all the way back, and I can pull it all the way forward too. I think its just a question of how “tight” your foreskin is. Some people are born with very tight foreskin and cant pull it away from their glans at all. Others foreskins are moderatly tight (as i assume yours is) and cannot pull it all the way back. And the last group of people is like me, where we can pull it back no problem.

My question for you is: how far back can you pull it? Can you completely expose the glans? And if so does it cause pain?

Post your answers and I’ll see if i can give you any tips.

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Originally posted by popp

My question for you is: how far back can you pull it? Can you completely expose the glans? And if so does it cause pain?
Post your answers and I'll see if i can give you any tips.

Hi popp, saw you were browsing the forum and knew I´d get a good response.

The thing is, my foreskin is as loose as can be, as in I can pull it back all the way etc, it´s the frenulum that´s still strong. If I was longer then the frenulum would have to stretch to accommodate this.

I was wondering, from a perfect world physical point of view, is the frenulum meant to weaken or disappear during the growth process?

My quest here is to find clues as to whether I´m still developing or not, and I´ve noticed in some porn that the skin is generally stretched back by the erection. I don´t think they were cut because when pulled all the way back, the skin exposed (usually covering the glans) is a lot different to the normal shaft skin.

Oh ok. Now I see what you mean (I think LOL). The frenulum always remains on your penis and will never disappear. It is the little “string” or strand of flesh on the backside of you head, sort of below the urethra opening. Sometimes, in circumsisions they cut the frenulum and remove it with the foreskin, but usually they just leave it there.
One more thing: you said your foreskin is as loose as can be, and that you can pull it all the way back. So I assume you only get discomfort in the frenulum area (the back area) of the penis with a full erection. My frenulum has always stayed the same and never caused me a problem.
Hope that helped.
If you have more questions that i have not answered, please post them. I doubt I answered your question fully, due to a lack of understanding of your problem.


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Originally posted by popp

If you have more questions that i have not answered, please post them. I doubt I answered your question fully, due to a lack of understanding of your problem.


Appreciated all the same! Thanks.

I´m getting a little obsessed with this “am I growing” thing I have going, but I have a lot of time to think about this kind of stuff.

Can anyone think of any signs that would imply non-complete development or possible growth possibilites besides the obvious be patient and see method?


I’m uncut, but since 18 years old, my foreskin became fully bunched back against my glans all the time (even when soft). I can push it forward when soft, but it can not cover all my head and will shrink back automatically after a while. I think the problem whether it can be pulled back all the way during erection or not doesn’t depend on how long your shaft is but how short your foreskin is.

I feel very comfortable now, and it gives me better cock appearance ;) . However, it was really uncomfortable during those 2 years just before my foreskin completely bunched back. Because my foreskin didn’t stay at the same status, sometimes shrinked backwards, sometimes went forwards and covered part of my glans, it was very easy to have my pubic hairs being clipped between my foreskin and glans that really made me painful and uncomfortable.

If your foreskin will not pull back all the way during erection, it might indicate your foreskin is too long. You may consider to circumcise. It will also be good to your penis health. I think you’d better consult your doctor.

Rainsea! Jeeese! Don’t tell the man to get circumcised! Foreskin is priceless and you can never get it back.

When I am unerect, my foreskin covers pretty much all of my head. I like it this way and its natural. When I am erect however, it goes back as my dick gets hard so by the time Im 100% erect, my foreskin is retracted.

ICM, how old are you? I assume you are over 18 since you are on this site…so chances are (unless you’re a late bloomer) that you are no longer growing. How much of your head does your foreskin cover when flacid? And if it covers completely, then how much (if any does it hang over). Just wondering. But DO NOT get circumcised no matter what! I wouldnt trade my foreskin for anything!

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Popp, I agree with you. The natural foreskin is worth to be preserved. I revise my opinion here, if you can retract your foreskin without difficulty by hand and the foreskin didn’t make you uncomfortable during intercourse, then you don’t need to circumcise, but you really need to pay more attention to the your cock hygiene than men who are cut or have shorter foreskin!!!

I am 18 yes! Not been for long but there we are. I have no problems with my foreskin length, I´m just finding it hard to accept that I may not be growing any more. I´m apparently still getting taller slowly, and my dad and brothers grew (height-wise) till a few years after 18.

I would never consider circumcision either, scares me silly.

Thanks for the input. I think I´ll just have to wait another six months and see what happens down there. I will of course being doing PE all this time though!

I noticed that I used to grow about an inch a year. I remember measuring at 4” erect, then 5.5” then 6.5” and I thought I was nearing about 6.75” but I seem to only be 6.25” now! But that´s another story, and probably a bad measurement, or a thinner fat pad thanks to sport that I used to do.

Thanks again for your time!

Originally posted by popp

… I’ll see if i can give you any tips.

Reminds me of that old joke. “My mate will do you a circumcision very cheaply. He charges £5 plus tips.”

Anyway, in answer to your question, when erect, my foreskin only retracts slightly. Not enough to uncover the head fully, but the head does start to “poke out” a little.

My foreskin used to be sort of stuck to the head somehow just at the very back of the head, stopping me pulling it all the way back, but I managed to separate it by gently pulling back. I think Ive heard it mentioned before, but does anyone else know anything about it? It is at all normal?

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sevenisheaven: I’ve heard of that before. I find it weird (no offense to anyone) that people feel pain when they pull back their foreskin all the way. Mine slides like a…like a…well I cant think of anything slippery but you get the picture. They do have operations (take like 5 minutes), where do a little slit in the foreskin (nothing big) and then they allow it to heal and it loosens the foreskin completely. Inexpensive, short procedure (and just localized anastetic, you’re not put out). Ask a doc about it if you have pain pulling it back.

Hope that helps.

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ICM very good question. I have only been with two men who was uncut. That was probably because they weren’t an American. Not saying all American are cut. I think it is nice that there are men that aren’t circumsized out there. I debated a long time when it was time to decide if I was going to have my boys circumsized or not.

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I can retract it all the way (so it practically looks like I’m cut). I think I’m blessed with this ability. And I have a very strong freunulum.

edit: Anna, the majority of the people here in Europe are uncut.

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ICM; I am uncut. with a normal erection, it pulls back off the head, but sort of “bunches up” below the head somewhat.

I can pull is back completely if I want to though.

I do have noticeably more skin than pre-pe now.

anna nimity,

Did you have your sons circumsized? When and where I grew up, it was nearly 100% circumsision. I remember one guy in the junior high locker room that was uncut.

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