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Strange Edging Issue

Strange Edging Issue

Hey everyone. I want to start out and say this has been a really helpful sight with lots of great info! I’ve been practicing edging for the last couple of weeks and have experienced something kinda strange. I also have the “How to Become a Multi-Orgasmic Man” book which I’ve read through. In there it talks about drawing your sexual energy and such. Well, during a couple edging sessions I tried to draw up the sexual energy up into my head. I’m new to this, but I tried to picture the energy out of my area flowing up my spine and into my head. Then I would kinda gather a big pool of saliva and imagine the saliva as the sexual energy, but as soon as I swallowed the saliva I got the urge to orgasm. It was like, by swallowing the saliva, it was triggering the orgasm to start. I was edging for around 20 minutes and had no urge to ejaculate until I swallowed the imagined sexual energy in the form of saliva. There was no urge even right before. It was just that quick out of nowhere, as soon as the saliva was swallowed. Can anyone shed any light on what would cause that, or have any theories? I’m not exactly sure how the swallowing of saliva and orgasm would be linked like that. It’s just strange to me. I tried it twice and both times it happened. Thanks for any responses in advance!

Um Wow ok
I’m going to have to try that.
What I have to say is if you like it and it’s providing you pleasure. Stop asking questions. And just do what gets you off.

It could be that the Saliva is acting as a host for the Sexual energy; and so in collecting it in your mouth and swallowing it you releasing the sexual energy into your body. It’s able to spread to the parts that you have not before seen as sexual. And the energy is able to go to places other than your genitals and your anus. That’s my best guess! The book dose not elaborate on this; and how it works?

Originally Posted by caboose2409
What the fuck?

That’s what he thought when he read the original post, I guess. lol

Sorry man, can’t help you abut that saliva problem. It’s entering a depth into sex (or kama sutra) that I have not reached yet.

Anybody have any other ideas?

You pictured the saliva as geting out of the mouth cavity, so you asociated it with cum geting out of your tool. I just started to read that book also, really curious.

BTW what I said was an assumption.

Race. I would say that it is a good sign and connected to the mental control and mastery that Cheeva and Werner talk about in their threads on orbiting. Werner especially is able to mentally direct the sexual energy to wherever he wants to in his body. What you have going on is some mental trigger I think. Why don’t you PM Cheeva or Werner and get their comments. Then, would you share their responses or summarize them on this thread for us. Learning this business is intricate. Those men who have mastered this multiorgasmic business swear that we who are still in the “point and shoot” mentality are just making it to kindergarten sexually while they hold Ph Ds in male sexual ecstacy. Help us out man when you find out. Thanks

There is a huge amount of mental progress that the average western male must make to achieve what you are after. I’ve been working for years on this and believe that the possibilities are absolutely incredible. I’d start by looking into some good meditation techniques and use meditation tapes like Holosync or any binaurl beats (google if u don’t know what these are) to speed up the process. I’d also read up and do some practice on lucid dreams and dream yoga. All this is to get your mind conditioned where you can transcend the mind/body barrier. What you are really doing in multi-orgasm techniques like you are practicing is training your brain to experience the fully satisfaction and pleasure of an orgasm while your body maintains high energy and does not have to complete the full ejaculation process. This really is possible and the benefits of having that control will likely extend far far past just mult-orgasms. You will be able to create vivid realities in which you can experience pretty much whatever your imagination dreams up. I’ve been doing this sort of practice now for almost 7 years and I can tell u that listening to something like Holosync or another binauarl beat technology is without a doubt the best thing I have ever discovered. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies so far. Obviously, the two are not physically connected so it has to be somehow mental. I don’t know if it means anything, but was just curious why it happened.

Originally Posted by caboose2409
What the fuck?

I’m with you on this one caboose!

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Hey everyone. I just finished another edging session today that lasted around 45 minutes. During that time I never had the urge to ejaculate during regular stimulation. I decided during that time to try the whole drawing up the sexual energy thing just to see what would happen. I think I did it maybe 4 or 5 times. The first three times I did it, at the instance I swallowed I felt almost like a mini-orgasm. I kinda compare it to the start of a regular orgasm. I was able to continue stimulation during this without fully orgasm. I just tried to disperse the urge and it went away after that first sensation. Id say each time the “mini-orgasm” got a little more intense. Around the fourth time, I was probably around 35 minutes in, I did have to stop stimulation because it was getting even more intense, and I reverse kegeled for just a little bit and that took care of the urge and allowed me to continue on. I did it one more time to end the session, but didn’t ejaculate. Just felt the sensation and stopped.

Race, if you haven’t already checked it out, you might want to read this thread: Dick Control: A Primer .

A couple of suggestions regarding moving the energy around:

1. Instead of visualizing the energy moving up into your head and then being concentrated in your saliva, try visualizing it spreading or diffusing throughout your body.

2. When you want to move the energy, do very strong, long held clenches of all of your pelvic muscles while performing a full body clench (this is is covered in the thread linked to above, and Chia talks a lot about it) while imagining/feeling the energy moving out of your genitals. Hold this clench until your erection subsides. This way, if you do the visualization technique you’ve been doing (moving it to the head and concentrating it in the saliva) by the time you swallow (move the energy back down) you won’t be anywhere near genitally aroused enough to ejaculate.

When you’re just starting out, (i.e. your ‘microcosmic orbit’ hasn’t been opened up) it’s pretty safe to assume that if you still have a full erection and are right on the edge of orgasm, you haven’t successfully ‘moved the energy.’

Good luck!

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