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Stimulants May Be Cause Of Hard Flaccid

Stimulants May Be Cause Of Hard Flaccid

I’ve had hard flaccid for 6 days now and I have made a log if how it’s doing . I’ve seemed to notice it goes away at night when I’m not on ADD pills. Also when I wake up in the morning I have morning wood and no hard flaccid until 30 minutes after I pop the pill. Anybody can relate?

Sure. Even just caffeine or ephedrine or pseudoephedrine is plenty to cause a shrunken, hard flaccid for a while.

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Why don’t you try consuming magnesium(chelated)? It may help relax the muscles.

Yes, I’ve been on ADD meds for years and absolutely have found that I can pretty much give up on having good EQ once I take my meds for the day. When I take a couple days off (or even just a day) I notice improvements. It makes for some lousy days though; either I can focus or I can get hard.

Exact same thing! I need the pills for school though or else I’ll fail lol

I take concerta and at best I’m semi hard for the entire day. I found that taking vitamin D helps improve EQ though. When in doubt remember that “Vitamin D helps with D”.

Ya I take 56 mg of concerta everyday and sometimes 20mg of ritalin instead. I’m not hard when I’m not on it. That’s why I do my routine at night.

Holy shit. I have been taking concerta for a year, the same time that I get a hard flacid that never goes. I’m not even sure if I have ADD, it’s just my doctor’s conclusion. I’m leaving the freaking pill and gonna find a way to live my life just the way I am.

I recently participated in a night of MDMA with fuck buddies.

Achievement Unlocked : Hard Flaccid.

Now then, I also had hard erections of improbable quality, but after fucking my dick when down but still stuck out. Small like flaccid, stiff like boner, cold like I’d been swimming. Fucking WEIRD. But then I’d get turned on again and get a boner again. Either my cock is AMAZING and it defies the “you can’t get hard on MDMA” or I just have a different reaction. Anyway, yeah, stimulants make weird things happen to your dick.

Cold, stiff, flaccid has one fascinating aspect: A warm mouth around it feels wonderful, but not in a sexy way. Until 15 or 20 minutes later when I get a boner again and get back to drilling that hole. Heh. Sex is fun!

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

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