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Still a virgin

Still a virgin

Like the subject states, still a virgin! I’m only 18 though, so i guess that’s ok. It might sound cliche, but yeah, i wouldn’t give up my virginity unless i really cared about the girl. Now, i’ve been in a relationship for about 8 months, and things have been working up towards sex. There was always some fooling around, and we finally talked about it and I said I’d get a condom next time.. Yeah, she’s a virgin as well.. so.. I want to make things as special as possible, so any thoughts? Any other advice you experienced people out there could give me? =P. I also don’t want to screw up.. so would anyone advise taking a small amount of viagra (well, the India equivilant of it, got the sample of it off of of say, 25 mg? Any recommendation on condoms? anyone try Trojan Her Pleasure? Extended Pleasure Climate Control? or maybe Durex Intense Sensation (studded)?

Thanks everybody..

I don’t think viagra will stop you from screwing up. The first time between two people can be a learning experience for both. I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce yourself to sex, than someone who is learning with you. If it is your first time, I would think the experience itself would be enough, adding viagra to the picture seems like a combination that may not be worthy when you are getting use to your body responses without a stimulant.

It has been a while since I’ve been a virgin so much advice may not be the best. Good luck.

Also, there are a few threads around that I am sure someone will point out about condoms. I use to like durex.

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Do you have a problem getting hard? If not you probably don’t need the Viagra, although you could keep it nearby just in case. I wouldn’t use it unless you really need it.

I don’t think you should use a gimmick condom for your first time. Just use a normal lubricated latex condom.

Be gentle with her and make sure to have plenty of foreplay.


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Problem with getting hard? i’m not so sure. I mean, fooling around and getting hard with boxers on is just painful sometimes? =P. Thanks for commenting, it’s very useful for me.

Don’t use any aides to get you hard. It will become a crutch.

Have something else special about the night. It could be as lavish as a trip to a somewhat upscale hotel or as simple as a bubble bath, candles, or a massage. Expect a very special night for the two of you - a night where you two connect in a way you never imagined possible.

But don’t expect it to be good. Imagine two monkeys riding a two-seater bicycle with no previous training - that comes close. This is not to say that it is going to be bad at all. In its own way, it will always bring a smile to your face. Just know that the fireworks and grand symphonics you are likely expecting are waiting for you at around the fourth or fifth time. As long as you both keep it fun and don’t expect too much from yourselves, it will be a great night. It just wont be great sex. Probably.

However, approach the night like you have a real chance of having the rare virgin/virgin sex that really is mind blowing. Don’t be a defeatist. As they say “prepare for the bad, hope for the good”. Well it will be fun and sweet and a completely bonding experience for you - that’s guaranteed. Anything more is a good bonus.

My only other tips are to involve a lot of foreplay. I’m assuming you’ve done everything except for actual penetration so foreplay is a safe area where you both know what you’re doing. A lot of foreplay is always good (and rarely enjoyed by men - bonus points for you) learn to see it as a required component of sex and learn to truly enjoy it. When she asks you to “put it in”, keep on doing what you’re doing for a little longer. Then follow her request. Teasing is good. Very good. Have a little bit of lube ready, but spit is the best lube there is. Not only is the application more fun but - well, that’s reason enough I think. You may want to joke with her that you’ve heard virgin/virgin sex is usually awkward. This will relieve a little bit of stress for her. I wouldn’t use the word “bad”. You don’t want to give her the impression that you are actually expecting it to be bad or awkward, and reassure her that you’ve heard it gets much better and its fun to learn - something to that extent. When in the process, eye contact is good. Lots of it is better. That deep, “window to the soul” sort of eye contact is best.

If you’ve never used a condom before (I suppose you haven’t, have you) go out and buy a practice pack. Practice opening that stupid little wrapper, practice putting it on, and masturbate with it. I know, its humiliating, but this is one of the better favors you can do for yourself. Get used to the sensation (or lack therof) of having a condom on. A bit of lube placed in the tip before putting it on is a good way to enhance sensation, by the way. You don’t have to be a pro, this is just a good idea. If you lose your erection while you are fumbling with the condom preparation, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help getting it back up. There’s no shame in admitting the obvious. If you feel yourself losing the erection or getting stressed or distracted just give her a kiss, look deep into he eyes and think about how much she means to you. There is no pressure - even though it may seem like the weight of the world is on you - there is no one watching you or expecting anything more than the connection you feel when you look into her eyes like that. That’s it. That’s all that is expected of you, and that comes without any effort so just enjoy the night. And have a pillow ready if you’re still living at home. Just in case you’re one of the lucky few…

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I think you got some good advice from KingUbu… I might keep some viagra on the side just in case. I wouldnt be worried about getting an erection but if she’s a virgin you will have to be very patient and it may take a while to actually get intercourse going, I know this was a little frustrating with my ex who was a virgin (and a big chicken!) … I think just having it on the side would be reassuring… I know it would have helped me!

Hey duder,

The first few times me and my girlfriend tried, it was unsuccessful.
Mainly because we were not used to each other, and I was so nervous that an erection was pretty much out of the question.

Just work into it nice and slow. Take your time. Don’t be afraid to back out at the last minute either. Try again next time. You will get there eventually and soon be having wild fucking sessions, trust me ;)

It could help if you prepare and practise a couple easy positions. Download some porn like cumfiesta or 8thstreetlatinas and look how they start off, where they put their hands and legs and how they change positions. Then just try them out in bed with your pillow or something.

I’m not sure about using porn as a guide. You are both virgins. Just have fun. Don’t pressure yourself. This is playtime. Since she knows you are a virgin too you don’t need to act like Peter North or Rocco Sifredi.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Since she knows you are a virgin too you don’t need to act like Peter North or Rocco Sifredi.

I would think that doing so would be a huge turnoff.

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

Good advice kingubu, can’t stress the importance of foreplay enough. You have to read the mood of your partner though - sometimes a woman wants it hard and fast.

First time with anyone new can be awkward - don’t sweat it. If all other parts of your relationship are strong the sex should get better as you learn about each other. Good love making is a skill that should be practiced (a lot!).

Would add that if she still has her hyman intact expect her to have a little pain upon insertion, and there may be a spot or two of blood.

Just chill out and stop analysing so much…….go with the flow and have some fun :D

edit - Woops wrong thread.

Thanks for the advice, it’s greatly appreciated, =). Special thanks to KingUbu as well for the lengthly post. I actually did try on a condom before, it just feels, weird.. but I guess I just need to get use to it.


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