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What’s the liklihood that you would actually catch one?

Safe sex only takes you so far, condoms only protect certain parts, not everything, and some tests show they aren’t even that effective in protecting against STD’s.

I’ve had a few partners, and so has my girlfriend, we’re both being tested soon. But I’m just wondering if anyone knows how likely you actually are to get one. Kinda has me freaked and I know the only way to find out is to be tested, just kinda wondering til then though.

Depends on so many factors that it’s impossible to tell, but if you’ve always used a rubber, highly unlikely. Don’t worry, just chill and take the damn tests.

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Use good condoms, no oral; no kissing if you and/or she has any kind of sores; don’t stick your fingers “there” and you’ll be fine.

As for chances, let me give you an example. Long time ago I knew two guys in a summer camp. One was fucking everything that moved, another one had sex only once or twice, guess who got gonorrhea … the latter one.

Sometimes it helps if you take a piss right after sex - it decreases chances of contacting some STD’s like gonorrhea.

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Clean. *sigh of relief*

What STS’s can you catch by kissing?


Depends on what you’re kissing. ;)

Ease of contracting STD

Chlamydia, a bacterial infection, can be transmitted orally and vaginally. HPV, a virus (condyloma acuminata) better known as genital warts, bypasses condoms without any problem. Infection rates of both these STD’s are as high as 70% in college and university women who are sexually active. The bigger problem for both is a fairly high occurrence of asymptomatic infection. In other words, the infected person does not demonstrate external or internal symptoms. Enough to keep one celibate or strictly monogamous indeed!

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