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std from RECEIVING oral

std from RECEIVING oral

What are the ways a man can catch a std from Receiving oral from a infected person?

How do i avoid it?

Originally Posted by kevinsmith
What are the ways a man can catch a std from Receiving oral from a infected person?

How do i avoid it?

A. Guy sticks dick in mouth of person infected.

B. Don’t put dick in infected persons mouth.
C. Wear a condom - not nearly as good as B, or a blow job with out a condom.

Seriously. Although it is possible to receive an STD via oral sex, it’s not the #1 source of infection.
Especially with AIDS if that’s what you’re concerned about. Herpes, now you probably have a much better chance of getting that from oral. There also seems to be a huge proliferation of throat infections of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in younger people these days. At least that what my friends in the medical professions are telling me. Mainly college and high school aged females. Obviously from giving oral. So what’s the odds of contracting an STD from receiving oral? Well these days it seems to more and more of a roll of the dice, especially among the younger people. like I said it’s not the #1 route of infection and you’re much more unlikely to contract anything from oral, but it’s not impossible either.

It’s like this:
If you know for a fact that the other person now has an STD, YOU WANT TO GET TESTED.
If you’re worried that maybe they had one and now you do also, YOU MAY WANT TO GET TESTED.
You didn’t give us much detail on what happened or why you think you have and STD (if you do think this),
so you could always play the waiting game and see what becomes of your pecker. But if you’re driving yourself nuts with worry and can’t sleep at night, well YOU WANT TO GET TESTED. It’s much more comforting to know that you’re positively clean than loosing sleep at night. Having an STD does not make you a bad person anymore than catching the flu does. What makes you a bad person is if you choose to not be responsible about it. OK, that was my rant.

I have been reading about this since I recently did something stupid in Mexico (a “stripper” put my dick in her mouth for about 15 seconds to get me hard before she put a condom on me).

I have been worried ever since (since I am married).

Now it has been 3 weeks with no symptoms, but I read that you can go for months without symptoms so now I agree with Tork that I should go get tested.

It seems that aids through receiving oral is very rare and there needs to be some kind of blood contact through open sores or bleeding gums in the mouth to get aids that way. But it is possible to get gonorrhea, chamidia, herpes etc from receiving oral.

My advice in these days of common STD infection? Pick your partners carefully, no matter how horny you are at the moment. Protect yourself in the obvious way, and be up-front before you conjoin. (Is that a word? I think so.) Ask the person if they have had any symptoms of STDs or any history of them.

I agree with Tork. If your pattern is to have sex with various partners, get tested yourself now and then and push others to do the same.

To mravg:

If you want to play and that is okay in your head, you owe it to your wife to protect her from the results of your playing. Use a condom when you have sex with her after a fling. If she gets an STD from you and has been faithful herself, you will have hell to pay.



Avocet, you are right. It was just a stupid thing I did, and is not my usual behavior. She does deserve better from me, and you are right it could ruin my life if I gave her an STD, all for 10 minutes with a whore.

I have already been planning ways to give clandestine anitbiotics to her, but hopefully it would never come to that.

15 seconds in that bitches mouth! I know it is possible to catch something but man that would be bad luck.


Totally fucked situation huh? I you don’t wear a condom with your wife and she comes down with something…your f’ed!

If you do wear a condom, she wants to know why you are wearing a condom…your f’ed!

Thats why it is best not to fuck around on a spouse…bad mojo!

If you want to fuck around, divorce her or have an honest discussion with her and see if she would be interested in some type of swinging…you never know.

But lying and sneeking around really sucks, especially if you are basically a good guy and feel bad doing it.

But then again… its really none of my business!


Ya know, The chance you get infected after one-time sexual contact is about 4%. This percentage raises after every sexual contact but we’re talking about one time here so, no problem. If you count the number of people who are infected with that your chances you’re infected are almost none. Of course we’re talking about a stripper here so the chances raise a bit but they’re still negligible. But then again it lasted 15 seconds like you said so i’d say there’s nothing to worry about. If you are infected, man, you would be the most UNlucky guy in the world!

Motivations: - The smile on your girlfriends face when she pulls it out - You never have to hear "DEEPER!" (and if you can) - Getting to see a mouth stretched around your cock and 2 hands req to work it - All of your girlfriends girlfriends knowing your big - Knowing you're the biggest she's been with and she'll always remember you in her life - Watching pornos and being so unimpressed

Hey, I’m not passing moral judgements here. There’s also probably not enough bandwidth or storage capacity on this site for me to get in to all the off branch discussions related to this topic. Std’s, Service providers, whoring around, the Ole’ lady’s baggage, relationship issues in the new millennium, etc. or my experiences concerning all of the above (or lack of). Suffice to say, the stuff is out there. Be informed, be educated, take the necessary precautions. That way you can have fun and live to have fun another day. Sex is a beautiful, wonderful, thing. This shit is ruining it for everyone.

BTW- be informed:
1. That when you get the full check for std’s, they are going to put a long stemmed cotton swab in your urethra to take a sample. It is not pleasant in any sense of the word. You’ll live.
2. If you do test positive for anything, the local health dept. gets involved and will want to know the names and contact info of any and all sexual partners. They will give you the option of being the first to tell them, but they will follow up on you.
They have your SS# on file and can use it to get your address, etc. They will show up at your door and inform your SO. if you cannot assure them that it’s been taken care of.
This is probably the number 1 reason why people don’t get checked even when they do have symptoms.
3. Because of the above 2 items and if you have no symptoms, a good “compassionate” doctor will listen to your story. Probably shake his head at you, especially if you tell him you had “anonymous” sex (accepted medical code for hooker). Then he will send you home with a script for some routine antibiotics and tell you to come back if you do develop any symptoms. He won’t do a lab check on you at this time, and may not even if you do have symptoms. He’ll do this because believe it or not he is trying to give you a break without becoming “moral” on you and also because it sucks for him to have to inform the health dept. If he gets caught not informing he gets in shit. Most Doctors I’ve talked to do not want to get the health dept. involved unless it’s their ass on the line. So it may be wise to keep a stash of antibiotics around for your own peace of mind once in awhile, should you have a momentary lapse of rational thinking while out drinking.
You maybe wondering how I know all this? OK, yes I have been tested, several times over the years. It was always because of my own paranoia about things. NO - I have never tested positive for anything, ever. Volunteer work that I do also brings me in to contact with people who are in very high risk categories for this stuff. I’ve seen most of it and I don’t want it.
Sex is a beautiful, wonderful, thing. Just be smart about it.

mravg - I seriously doubt that you have anything to worry about. Take a deep breath brother. If you’re really flipping out on yourself, take some anti’s and keep an eye on your pecker for a week or so. I never thought that I was the type to be somewhat “psychosomatic”, but all the paranoia can cause you to manifest symptoms that aren’t real also. Take a deep breath and relax.


Just curious, tork you are mentioning some anti’s and I correct to assume you are talking about over the counter?

Ok, still no symptoms for me, and I am starting to relax a little after what you guys said. I did make an appointment with Planned Parenthood for a check in about 3 weeks. They do have a Gonorhea and Chlamydia urine test that does not require the Q-Tip in the hole nightmare. I asked about it and one of the locations in town does it, while the other 2 use the old fashioned method. The place that does the urine test of course has the longest wait for an appointment.

It never occurred to me that they could actually inform people about you without your consent. If I did test positive I would start feeding my wife “smoothies” for breakfast laced with Cipro, and would not tell her I infected her unless it was the last resort.

One more thought. If I get the antibiotics without the tests, I would still not know if I infected my wife, so that is not a good option.

I am amazed that having STD tests is not confidential. If there is a sure way of people passing on infection then that is it. Someone aught to kick the arse of anyone who even suggests that infected people be put on a list outside the clinic

In the UK No-one, but no-one can reveal the infomation. Even under 16’s can go and get a test and no-one else will know unless the patient tells them, or gives permission for their doctor to be told. Otherwise it is completely confidential. A patient can even give a false name and address if they wish.

There was a situation a few years back when patients had to have their prescription made up by an outside chemist. That soon was stopped when common sense prevailed.

Trouble is I suppose that no-one is likely to challenge this ruling or they will be suspected of having problems themselves.

Let me know who is in control in the US and I’ll write to them .

They won’t enjoy the letter

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I have been to health department and also talked to planned parenthood, and although they ask you questions, they don’t ask for ID. If you pay cash for your tests and don’t go through insurance, you can give them a false name.

In the UK Nearly every Hospital has an STd clinic which is free - including medicines, and totally confidential

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