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STD? and Oral

STD? and Oral

I have heard that you can get some STDs even if a person is receiving oral (from syliva), is this ture?


Herpes sores on the lips can give you genital herpes if you are the one receiving. Genital warts can also be passed orally too.

HPV, Human Papilloma virus, can be passed even if you’re wearing a condom.

I think it’s one of the wide-spreading diseases among young people.

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Sure you can. I know for sure that STD’s can develop in one’s mouth after oral sex and then be passed to another person. Clap, for instance, is a good example. I knew a guy who got it after receiving a bj from a woman. Later she told him about having it in her mouth.
Some people can have sores and micro-wounds in their mouths so there is a possibility of getting HIV.


Anytime you share body fluids (without protection) there is a chance of contracting an STD. While the research isn’t conclusive with the transmittal of the HIV virus via saliva, I personally don’t think its worth the risk, especially if you have a sore in your mouth.

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