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Stamina confusion

Stamina confusion

So I’ve done my reading up quite a bit on premature ejaculation and other options and such, and here is my story. It leaves me a little confused, and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas or a similar situation happened. Here’s the background..

First off, I have no trouble lasting a long time during oral sex or a hand job (I’m sure most people can say that), but my experiences with sex and premature ejaculation have me a little confused.

Second, after sex or just ejaculation, my head gets really really sensitive.

My first sexual relationship was with my girlfriend, who it was also was her first time. The first few times were around 10 minutes, and I didn’t know what to think. Some people say premature ejaculation is cumming before you desire to or before several minutes.. Sometimes I disagree with that, but back to the story. During the time when we wanted to have sex the most, there would be times we’d take a car out and do the thing. And more times than not, I would only last a couple of minutes. Later on it began that way with just regular sex (me on top). I began to get discouraged. At the tail end of the relationship, I was able to go around 20 minutes a few times but not consistently.

Second sexual encounter, while having sex, I did quite a bit of edging during sex, which did involve some stopping, but was able to go about 30 minutes (me on top). The next time however was under 2 minutes (she was on top).

Third sexual encounter (most recent). Now of course with these bad experiences under my belt, I have doubted my sexual ability a bit. Now comes the confusing part. I’ll have to explain a bit. I postponed sex for a while because of my problem, so there was a LOT of dry humping and much action with only underwear on or just one of us with underwear on. When sex finally came around, after about 7 months of no sex, I was able to last about 25 minutes. The next time was 30 minutes, and by the end of the week I was able to go an hour and a half! (I know that time really doesn’t matter at all, but I was glad it lasted that long). The times after that still lasted about 30 minutes or so, but as the weeks moved on, the duration began to fall and 10 minutes started to become the average again (sometimes less, sometimes more). It took less time when she was on top.

Now my question. When I had sex with my 3rd partner, after the first few times I had severe itching in my crotch (no STD jokes, we were both tested before-hand).
1. Could there have been desensitization in my crotch from all of the dry sex?
2. Would this stuff be considered PE?
3. Could nerves play a role?
4.And could I get any other ideas of any sorts? Tnanks

1) Possibly, but unlikely unless you were dry humping quite vigourously

2) No

3) Yes

4) Sex lasts less when shes on top as shes in control, whereas when you’re on top, you’re in control. (As you probably realised) I’d say that the 7 months of dry humping got you totally comfortable and less nervous, explaining the longer than usual time, and you thinking about the time (90 mins, 60 mins, etc) is subconsciuosly causing you to only go for 10 mins again.

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Thank you for the reply. Nerves are a killer, and pretty hard to get ride of.. :-\ Guess I better just work on that

I can’t speak for anyone other than myself,but I’ve found the more I care for a girl the easier it is for me to cum.What I mean by that is,say I pick up some skank in a bar:I can fuck her all night and not get a nut.But when I’m with someone I love or care about,I can cum pretty much anytime I want to.I think emotions play as important a part in how long sex lasts ,as anything else.

I never thought of it that way too. Thanks for your input there. I know I’m not alone but it feels better to hear it

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