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St. John's Wort helping my prem ejac (I think)

It sounds really good… have to give it a try.

Just curious, anyone else have any positive (or negative) results with 5-HTP. I’m looking into other types of SSRIs and have never tried this. The SJW did nothing for me but maybe taking the two together will have some benefit. I’ve read taking them both has positive effects in general.

I was going to resurrect this thread. Funny how it popped up. I was feeling like my stamina was decreasing lately, so I bought some SJW and 5htp about a month ago. So far I don’t think it is helping, just as I thought it didn’t help the other times I experimented. But I will give it more time.

I think SJW might give me some stress reduction if nothing else. I think 5htp may give me some weight loss (due to stomach discomfort) if nothing else.

I read that l-tryptophan works better than 5htp, because it somehow makes it to your brain better, whereas the 5htp ends up being consumed in the gut. But l-tryp is hard to find and you have to take a lot of it.

Horny Bastard

It takes thirty days for SJW to reach therapeutic effects. To save $$$ take it with Genseng it instead of 5-htp. Gensengs all of them are adaptgens which help with the stress of depression and also helps with the physical pain. Gengengs help with maintaining a rock hard erections. Genseng is felt right away.

What kind and what dose of ginseng do you recommend?

Horny Bastard


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