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Hi guys!!

Due to my work demands- traveling & all, I have not been able to have a serious schedule/programme for my PE exercises.
Normally I exercise randomly whenever I can squeeze time (jelqs).. I have however noticed that now when I cum I do not throw it as I did before.. In fact the last time I masturbated it just rolled out.. Anyone with some idea of what could be happening to me?

Rolled out? You mean like sipping out? Your semen becomes thicker if you haven’t drinked enough water, so that could be the reason.

And your working to hard, not sleeping enough.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Benso, that depends on many things. Maybe something has changed in the way you jerk off, compared to what you used to do. Usually for me, the more horny I am, the longer I fuck or jerk off, the more I edge, the more cum I will get.

Thanks guys! Will take time to see what has realy changed.. At least it seems not to be something very serious.

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