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Spots on glans

Spots on glans


Recently I’ve noticed some spots under my glans. I’ve looked in the dictionary, I hope that I can explain it good enough. The spots that I mean are called in the dictionary: sebaceous glands. I mean tallow bumps. I hope you understand what I mean. The bumps seems to get worse by the week as I stretch. My question is: are there guys with the same problem and how to get rid of this?

Thanks a lot!

“Sebaceous glands are involved in skin problems such as acne and keratosis pilaris. The prescription drug isotretinoin significantly reduces the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, and is used to treat acne.” Got this from Wikipedia. But go see a doctor :)

Dude , I have a brown spot on my gland. I do have it for a long time now. It”s on my left side of the gland . I don”t know what it is. I haven”t been for a medical check so I don”t know what it is. A friend of mine said that it”s a sign of a “genital herpes”, but I don”t thinck so because it should have pass a long time a go. I don”t know if your condition is simillar to mine but if it is than let me know. Hope you find more info on that “cause I need more info to. Peace dude.

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