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Spleenectomy and PE

Spleenectomy and PE

Hello there all you happy PE-rs. Something is bothering for quite a while now and I hope you guys can help me with this question. 4 months ago I was involve in an car accident, and that left me without a spleen.

I want to know if this will affect my dick in an bad kind of way. No spleen, therefore less blood in my body, and in my dick.

Ps: Sorry for my bad English

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Nu mai ai splina? Si? Nush ce legatura are cu pula…da no… cine stie…Tare ma indoiesc ca te-ar afecta.

I don’t think that removal of your spleen will have any direct affect on your PE, and it will not result in any less blood in your system. However, according to the attached article, you may want to be on the lookout for bacterial blood infections in your future:


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