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Sperm Volumizer Tips

Sperm Volumizer Tips

Ok everyone is interested in how to increase your sperm load. This thread is going to be mostly for people to relate their experiences with natural herbs, pills, exercises, ect on increasing their sperm.

The best cocktail that made me shoot like a star was

Per Day:
Zinc 400MG
L-arginine 3000MG
And a shit load of water and kegals.

What about everyone else? Post your recipes on increasing your sperm load?

BPEl: 8.25" Gl: 5.2" Goal: El: 9" Gl: 7 Some New pics/Starter Clamping Pics

my cocktail

The mix that I take is similar with some additional items:


This is the total amount that I take daily and sometimes for insane force to be added behind that I’ll take a 250mg pill of Yohimbe (I can only take that stuff once a week though. Its makes my heart race and I become very unsettled, but it makes me shoot like a fire hose!) Without the Yohimbe the volume is astounding plus the Damiana and Tribulus make my nuts a bit bigger overall. I know the doses seem high but they cause me no adverse affects. Its that dang Yohimbe. But everyone is different and has different sensitivity levels to chemicals so the mix is good to use I’ve learned that but the amounts are for each to determine.

Someone here once said that his gf or someone said his load didn’t taste good when he took Arginine. How importnant would you say the Arginine part of stack is?

Best way to increase the volume in your sperm : Don’t beat off for a week! Or at the minimum, let your sperm build up for 2 1/2 to 3 days.


Do you take all that in pill form? Where do you buy your vitamins from?

BPEl: 8.25" Gl: 5.2" Goal: El: 9" Gl: 7 Some New pics/Starter Clamping Pics

All in pill form. I buy them all from vitamin world. The gentleman that runs the place happens to be a friend of mine and I get discounts on the stuff. He’ll also order anything that I might be wanting to experiment with.

As far as the arginine making you semen taste bad I can believe it! I have no experience with my wife tasting mine or anything (she wont let me in her mouth, wont fit) but it prolly does make it taste bad.

I heard Ejaculoid and Tribuloid stacked together make a huge volume increase. But I havent tried it yet, I am buying some from as I type.

Also I see that Peter North has a pill called PETER NORTH Power Pills. Curious to try those also.

BPEl: 8.25" Gl: 5.2" Goal: El: 9" Gl: 7 Some New pics/Starter Clamping Pics

Per Day:
GNC Maca Man Consisting of:
L-arginine 1000MG
Yohimbee- 62.5 mg
Ginkgo Biloba- 40mg

The Creatine Mix I take also has L-arginine 2000MG
Multi Vitmin Zinc 15MG (I eat lots of food with zinc so no supplement)
Ginkgo Biloba- 200mg

Total per day:
L-arginine 3000MG
Yohimbee- 62.5 mg
Ginkgo Biloba- 240mg
Zinc 15MG

Drink plenty of water. I do kegals, wear boxers and lightly massage my balls when PE stretching.

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