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sperm count

sperm count

I know I have asked this before but I just wondered if there was a way to increase sperm amount without the use of that NOx2 stuff… any other ways??

Also if someone could tell me where to get, how to use and how Nox2 works.

Does the size of someones balls affect sperm amount?

You’re still confusing “sperm count,” which is the number of the wriggly critters that can get someone pregnant, with “ejaculate”, or cum, spunk, spooge, jism, load, in other words the “carrier fluid.” Sperm cells make up a very small amount of the ejaculate.

As I replied in the other thread, you can take two to three grams of L-arginine a day. It will increase the amount of your ejaculate. It can be found in vitamin or health food shops.

I don’t know how it (L-arginine or NOx2) works to increase ejaculate volume. Try searching the Internet.

The size of your testicles has some relation to sperm production. Logically, larger ones would likely produce more sperm cells. But it only takes one to make a girl pregnant and even the smallest balls will produce millions of sperm cells in each ejaculation.

BUT, the ejaculate volume, which is what you’re really asking about, is not produced in the testicles. So their size has no relationship to the amount you cum.

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