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Sore Left Ball

Sore Left Ball

I have been off PE for a while now but for the last 4 days i have had a really sore left ball, it only hurts when i touch it.

I didnt hit it or anything it has just been sore ever since i woke up 4 mornings ago.

I cant even ride my mountain bike propley:(

so does anybody know what is going on??:( :(


Thats a delicate area, and if it has been hurting for 4 days I would get it checked out by your doc.


Follow the advice of SS4. There are many little vessels in the testicles, one of them could have, but not necessarily so, twisted on itself. Which will cause immense pain and discomfort. One of my children had that happen. Poor kid…………….:( :cry:

Go to the doctor

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I had a friend who said he had a bacterial infection in his nut. Did your balls get bigger?

Testicle torsion is serious, if it’s a twisting thing. Probably not that as you would likely know. Sounds like it would be diagnosed as “a touch of epididymitis” by most docs. Has to do with the membrane around your testicle getting irritated or filling with fluid/swell. Likely has something like that to do with the epididymis as well, hence the name. Pick a cause, any cause type of issue here…it’s all pretty vague on this stuff. Sometimes there doesn’t really appear to be a cause. Not a med myself and a bit foggy on this stuff, but if you search google or look in any home med book under words above, you’ll find plenty. Don’t take my spelling for accurate, but it’s close enough. Good luck in your search. groa


Well today after i played touch footy it had gone, really weird.

Nah they didnt gain size or anything

Lucky it has gone, it would be to embarrsaing to tell my mum why i want to go the doctors for.



I had a testicle torsion before. I had stitches in my sack for a little while and it hurt like hell. I was kind of embarassed to go to the doctor, but when I showed up in the emergency room they told me that if I waited a little longer I would have lost the thing.

Be glad that you’re all better now.

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