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something wrong here

something wrong here

Im Not circumsized but I’ve never had this problem all through my life except once before, about a cpl of months ago. There are red tiny spots on the glans of my penis which sting very midly. They appear on and off. The skin on my glans has started to peel. Its not like i can peel the skin off like a potato peel but its more like when I retract my foreskin back and run a finger on my glan, The skin just peels off. It doesn’t hurt though. Apart from the I have noticed there is a mild smell(if i may call so ) More like what it would be if you didnt clean your dick for a couple of days. It smells like a baby pissed in its diapers.

I had the red spots once before 2 months ago. I saw a doc who said it was a plain infection and prescribed some antifungal (clotrimazole and Micanzole)cream. It went away after regular application but seems like it has recurred.
Its made my dick very sensitive. The other I tried jacking off and it was intense and made me cumm in minutes. Any permanent fixture for this??

I have never had unprotected sex in the past 6 months and the partners I do have sex with all maintain top class hygeine. My doc said It could be because of Latex(condom) irritation aswell but then I havent a condom irritation in the past ever so how come now.

Is it time for me to go to a urologist? Last time I went to a skin specialist. Looks like these guys dont help much.

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If I understand you right, I have the exact problem.

The red dots comes from stretching to hard. The pressure in the glans gets so high that you burst some capillaries. They usually go away after a few days.

The skin problem seems to be from expansion of the glans, the upper layer of the skin gets stretched beyond its capacity and peal of. The dead skin cells starts to smell after a while. It often occurs on off days, because PE in it self(at least in my case) seems to remove and cleanse the skin.

I also recommend that you use some oil or moist when you PE this seems to reduce the strain on the skin. And of course warm wrap helps.

When the skin has pealed off, you no longer have the protection of the outer skin and the glans becomes more
sensitive. This returnes to normal within a few days if you don’t PE

Hope this helps

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Yeast, most likely. Rub yougurt on it, take garlic pills.

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Take some yogurt out of the container. Don’t just dip your willy in there. That wouldn’t be fair to other members of the household.

Originally Posted by kingpole
Yeast, most likely. Rub yougurt on it, take garlic pills.

It really helps? I hope you are not kidding man. A permanent solution??
Maybe I will try if you are serious. How long does it take to get rid of the problem with yogurt? How does yogurt help. Im kinda blank here. The bacteria in curd will consume the yeast? Looks like.

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Westla thanks for the links. Some of those pictures grossed me out. Thankfully my problem is not so severe. Infact the red spots can be seen only on keen observation.

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If you use yogurt, I believe you should use yogurt with live cultures. Not all yogurt has live cultures.

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OK. I’ve started using yogurt. Been applying it a few times a day. It feels cold and nice. Hope it helps.

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Well An update. The overall redness of my penis has reduced. Now it has a pale red appearance. They red spots are still minutely visible though but im hoping it will vanish with longer use of curd. When I run my finger tip on my glan it doesnt feel as sensitive as before which is good.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Damn, from the third day of applying yogurt, my dick started getting worse. I had full fledged white tiny boil like things all over my glans. The peeling had increased. When i initially put yogurt it seemed to reduced but all of a sudden, just overnight, I had develop these white rascals. It was horrifying to see my dick in such a bad state.

I called my cousin who is a doctor. He suggested that It was a fungal infection. Prescribed flucanozole 150 mg one tab a day and doxycycline 100 mg for 10 days twice daily and Micanazole cream to be applied. I took the tabs and within a day the boils disappeared. The peeling of the glan has stopped. All the red spots are gone and now my dick looks like someone gave it a nice paint job. Ill watch it for a few more days. Will update soon.

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You my friend have a case of warts. Fungal infection, and probably yeast infection. Go see a urologist or dermatologist.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Fungal Infection actually. Dont know how I got it though. Can anyone tell me how one gets fungal infection and possible ways to avoid it? I bathe freaking thrice a day and keep my dick clean. Dont know how you ever get things like these.

PS: Could it possible to get fungal infection due to the water you use?

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