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Smoking Cigs With A Rock Hard Erection!


Originally Posted by kingpole
Natural selection exist among animals and plants. They have no soul. At leas not like we humans do.

Dude, that is religion, not fact. During “caveman” days, there were other species of humans. They didn’t make it. We did. Natural selection.

Originally Posted by javyn
I quit smoking back in December, pack a day habit of 14 years. My EQ has always been great….actually, it’s starting to wane now, I just turned 30 and am with someone who keeps me satisfied more than any other women I’ve been with, getting a bit hard to keep up sometimes. But anyway, yeah, smoking, or lack of smoking did nothing to my EQ.

Try spirulina supplements to help you quit. Did wonders for me.

I found that when I got to 38, cuming more than 3 times per week drained me a bit, and took away the lustful edge. So then I experimented with not cuming every time, and WHAM, problem solved. We are at it 5 - 10 times a week now. We even make it 3 times in a day occasionally, but that requires lots of time to ourselves.

I have taken it all the way up to only cuming once per month, but am experimenting with once per week at the moment. I suspect every 10-12 days will be the right gap for me.

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