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Smoking and erections



Horny Bastard

Smoking to increase testosterone? I believe the cons far outweigh the pros.

I did read above but thought I should put my exp as well.

I have found over the last year I have lost a lot of sensation in my penis a specially the head and find it very hard to get a full erection which makes me very paranoid of my lover in case she thinks I have a thin/small penis when really it’s because I am just not fully erect!! She really enjoys the sex but I always feel let down with my performance, mainly because I am not enjoying it as much as she is and I know I can do better!

It’s very disheartening! Is it because I smoke?? How long will it take if I quit to see full erections again? It’s horrible I never get morning wood and I feel useless with my stupid semi erections!! It’s def not a psychological thing because I can’t get it up fully to porn either?! I used to think about sex all the time and be horny all the time now I am like an old man, my fit young girl friend is all over me and I’m floppy and UN-aroused!! Which makes me think it is hormonal because if it was because of lack of blood flow from smoking I would still feel aroused right??

Please help me!!

Thank you!

Originally Posted by Disease8
Is it because I smoke?? How long will it take if I quit to see full erections again?

I had the exact same thing when I smoked. My erections were never 100%, like not all the necessary blood was pumped to my penis.
This made my penis also look AND feel small and thin, and to be honest it also felt bad/unhealthy.

You should see improvements a couple of days after you quit. Most people think that you only start to notice things when you have quit several weeks, well that wasn’t true in my case. I started having morning wood after 5 days, started noticing better erections after 3-4 days. Regained my appetite after a week, regained stamina etc.. The human body can repair itself faster than you think.

You only need to really want to quit, and then it’ll all work out just fine..
Good luck if you’re going to quit man. I’m sure if you believe in yourself, you WILL succeed. ;)

Thanks alot pepsi that is good to hear. Will try and quit soon

Hi all,

I have a differant story to report.. I’m 24.. And from the age of 15, I smoked 30 Benson & Hedges gold a day.. Until one year ago when I stopped.. Cold turkey. Still smoke a bit of weed here and there, maybe once a week. I used to get frequent high quality erections throughout the smoking period. This week will be one year without a cigerette. PROBLEM. I don’t get anywhere near as many erections as I used to, and the quality is far less.. My libido has stooped to an all time low too. The only morning wood I get is when I need a piss! I’ve been with my partner for 3 years, we have just purchased our first property together, and should be enjoying fucking in every room! We still find eachother attractive, and she asks for sex nightly.. ( She’s 2 years older than me )I have put on nearly 2 stone in weight, most of which has gone to my ass and thighs.. I’m still in good shape through gym and soccer regularly, I don’t binge drink and eat fairly healthy.. EG 1 the other nite I was watching soccer on tv.. My partner offered to suck me off while watching the game.. NO response from the penis.. Not even a twitch.. I was that concerned that I purchased some LIBIDO E10 from ebay and it arrived today.. I’m hoping this may boost me into wanting sex or at least to masturbate again. Please if anyone can suggest anything, maybe even if you might think there is an underlying issue, please let me know.

Kind Regards



Get your hormone levels checked by your GP (Doc) just to be sure it’s not low testosterone! Sounds like that could be it.. I have the same thing (my penis doesn’t react like it should and I don’t get morning wood any more) and just got my hormones checked, they came back normal but I smoke quite a lot!! I think this could be your problem if not maybe it’s psychological and you need to do something new and exciting in the bedroom?!

I feel the same man I have been single for 3 years and finally got into a good relationship with a lovely girl and I should be all over her but I just lost the urge!! Really worrying.. But for me I think (hope) it’s smoking..

Good luck


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