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Small flaccid

Small flaccid

Ive got a 5 1/2 inch erect penis but when its flaccid it is extremely small. Im also around 300 pounds. Would losing weight make it bigger when flaccid?


If you loose 100# you should gain about 2” or more in visible penis.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey Man

We need to talk:

I used the angry icon, because that is what you are going to have to do. Get pissed at that fat-pad for swallowing your flaccid dick. I’ve been where you are. Your dick is bigger than you think. I weighed over 300 lbs for 30 years. I lost 130 lbs and discovered I had a pretty fair sized dick underneath all that fat. In fact after I lost the first 70 pounds and could actually see my flaccid dick for the first time in my life without a mirror and tweezers, it encouraged me to loose the rest and keep it off. Since I’ve discovered Thunders Place I’ve found even more dick and flaccid hang than I ever thought possible. E-mail or pm me, I’ll tell you what I know about the cursed dick eating fat-pad. But I warn you; it is not a pretty story.

Good Luck

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Hey chuckd, welcome aboard.

Yes, losing weight will absolutely make your dick look bigger. I lost a moderate amount of weight early last year and gained (in appearance) 0.5” of NBP (non bone pressed) length. Losing weight is extremely difficult, and finding PE should help keep you motivated. I would recommend you take Big Girtha up on his offer to help you out. Anytime you can get advise from someone who has been there and overcame whatever experience it is, their knowledge and encouragement is invaluable.

Again, welcome to Thunder’s Place, and good luck!

Thanks for the replies guys. Only thing thats kept me from losing weight was living with my mother who would always buy tons of junk food. Now that Im living on my own in college, I cant afford to eat anything other than chicken and rice. Its been hell knowing that when erect, its about average but non existent when flaccid. Im just starting to read up on PE and gonna start trying it and see how I do. Ive got lots of encouragement as Im moving to be with my girl this fall. What really has been discouraging is that I can no longer maintain erections as long as I did just a few years ago and I am only 21. I know this is due to poor blood circulation. Id be thrilled with an extra inch in length and 2 in girth. Im not asking for much.


If you want to lose weight and not feel hungry all the time try the low carb diet. Avoid that junk food and stay away from sugars and white bread. It really works and its fairly easy to stick with it. I have for two years and I am keeping my weight normal with ease.


I tried Atkins and CKD and neither one worked for me, I couldnt stand the taste it left in my mouth and limited foods. Im not worried about losing the weight,I cant afford pizza and junk food now. I am a hardcore lifter and just now starting to do more cardio. My biggest problem is living 1 block from campus and cutting out the alcohol. I havent had a drink in 2 weeks and hope I can continue.

I once lost 60 lbs ,but flaccid length still ,why?

get depressed brother, you’ll lose 3-6# / week, works like a charm

Take up Muay Thai or Boxing excellent cardio and non-boring like running or cycling.

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