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small cyst on testies

small cyst on testies

Gday about a month ago i noticed a small lump on my sack that looked like a pimple, a small hard lump. I went to the doctor and he said it was only a cyst, i was nervous and embarrassed and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, now it is still there a month later.

does anybody know if it will go away?


Perhaps a telephone call to your doctor would be more reassuring since he’s actually seen it and we haven’t. I get these things sometimes. Probably a sebaceous cyst. They sometimes have an outlet to the skin that can be used to drain them with gentle squeezing. Otherwise they do eventually go away.

Westla, from my personal experience they don’t necessarily go away. Every one I’ve ever had go away, had to be removed with surgery. On the upside, at least, you may go through phases of producing less of them, so maybe over time, you’ll stop producing them altogether. I also wonder if not wearing underwear may help create them (dirt or irritation, maybe? - they’re not well-studied, since dermatologists don’t consider them threats to health), so if you freeball, you might try not doing that and seeing if it helps…

Just my $.02…

Hey mate why did you get it removed if it wasnt affecting your health?


Originally Posted by pihkal
Westla, from my personal experience they don’t necessarily go away. Every one I’ve ever had go away, had to be removed with surgery.

Well, you’re right. I was generalizing. I have sebaceous cysts in my scalp that have become encapsulated and will not go away. I had one of those on my collarbone and had it surgically removed because my shirts kept rubbing it. The things I was referring to that eventually go away are the sebaceous glands (or whatever) in the groin area that develop clogged ducts. They swell and get tender. I’ve had a few of those in my lifetime and if I worked at them a bit I could get them to drain. If not, they have all gone away eventually.

The point is, jim555555555 has already had a physician look at it. Giving the doc a call would be an appropriate thing to do if he still has a concern.

I have had two of those cysts. The first in 1997 and I had it removed although that was my choice. The Doc said it was no big deal. She just numbed it with a local and made a small “nick” in my sack and it came right out. I have had the second for about two years now and it does not cause any pain and has not grown larger. I just have not got around to having it removed. Nothing to worry about.

From what I understand, also nothing to worry about. I’ve 1st had one of those in my teens, i can’t remember the latin expression, and I don’t know how to say it in english. I don’t think ( by your description) that it’s any different from what I had/have. I think it’s got to do something with glands( hope i spelled it right). ANyway, mine went away but urologist told me I could remove it if i didn’t. Few years later i got 2 of those. I have them for like 3 years now. they’re not big, they don’t change shape or color, can be barely noticed. ( my ex who’s been with me for a year didn’t even noticed it until i told her. I went to doc again, te told me no biggie, but this time I didn’t want to remove them. They don’t have any effect on my health/sex, whatever, so i decided to keep them. If any more should appear, then I’ll have to cut them all LOL.

i' d really like to add some....

Jim, I had mine removed because they were really prominent. I also had some along the jawline when I was a teen that had to be removed. In all cases, the larger ones were the size of a large pea. They were very noticeable. The last thing you want is to drop your pants and have some girl eyeing your balls like you have a venereal disease. :D

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