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Skinny jeans and turtling. any correlation?

Skinny jeans and turtling. any correlation?

I wear skinny jeans on a daily basis. Not tight nut huggers like the boys of the south wear, or slim fitting straight legged jeans. The jeans I wear are so skinny that it they have to be woven with spandex in order to be physically worn. Now, I used to wear the denim only version of such jeans and didn’t get the turtling/shinkage affects that I get with these. For some reason, even when it isn’t cold outside, when I put my jeans on, not only my dick, but my nutsack also recedes as if its cold outside.

Now. I have always taken pride in my package being on display. My dick is ok when flaccid, but its my nuts that bring it home. They are large and hang extremely low therefore giving the look of a fucking turbo package in these skinny jeans. Now it just looks sad… Unless i’m just waking up or go into a bathroom to fluff my junk back out, its pretty bad.

I was wondering if there is any way to prevent turtling? I haven’t peed in quite some time and am totally willing to begin again if it will stop my nuts and dick from tucking themselves in. Do the jeans cause this or is it all in my head and me thinking its going to happen causes it to happen? I’m scared that the constant turtling is going to somehow make my dick shrink or cause some type of damage.

You could try wearing a cockring I guess. I have the same problem with really tight underwear. It’s just pushing everything in so if there isn’t something to help counter it, the tissue is going to get compressed, no two ways about it.

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wear looser clothing :)

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