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Skin problem

Skin problem


I have started PE again but now the morning after my dick is all wrinckled and the skin is damaged, at this stage i am only doing manual streching.

I dont know what the hell is going on, I havent had sex so its no STD.



What exactly do you mean? Is the skin dry or painful?

I have noticed that manual stretches also stretch my skin. I think that manual stretching has resulted in partial foreskin restoration for me. When flaccid, my skin bunches up like it never did before. I have also noticed a slight discomfort, my skin was red irritated for a while. If that’s your problem, I think that it has to do with your grip, try using baby powder for grip.

skin report

Hi fella Aussie,

Before I begin I must gently point out you have spelled Australia incorrectly!

I noticed when I first began PE and also when I started again after a break that, yeah, the skin was sensitive after a work out, and so it did hurt a bit to jelq. My experience is that with sufficient lube and listening to your body, it will rectify itself. Just go easy for the first little while.

I hope this helps MATE! Best of luck. E-mail me if it helps Jim.



Its red, inflamed, cracked, sore, dry.

I put a little sorblene cream on it tonight, i wonder if this will help.

PE has resulted in foreskin restoration for me also, which is something that i dont want (i am cut)

Oh yer i spelt australia wrong, i am so crap at english


your message

Hi again Jim.

Yes that cream might help. I would also give it some extra heat but not too much, just to bring he blood into your penis and help it heal nicely. What lube are you using for jelqing? Use enough would be my advice.

You don’t want to damage your unit as it’s the only one you have! eh?

Always nice to encounter other Aussies on here.

The only way I can think of to save a bit of restoration of foreskin is to hold the skin back with one hand when jelqing. I have had it too, it doesn’t bother me too much as it doesn’t show with the slightest of erection.

Hope all this helps mate.

Take care,


Extra skin

This can be a worry at first, but it is virtually impossible to avoid with almost all types of PE. With time, this worry disappears, as you are more concerned with growth than a few added wrinkles when flaccid. In my case has meant a bunching of skin around the glans, but remember that the skin MUST grow for the penis to grow.


extra skin

Thanks Guiri …

Yes it really has ceased to bother me. I have bunched up skin around the glans also. When it has been very old and my penis has been quite small, about 3 times, I have noticed the skin half covering my penis head. It was rather a new experience to see it like that. But as I said in my earlier post, with a tiny amount of swelling, it doesn’t show at all.


Whats Wrong with Foreskin restoration?

I’m cut. Recently acutally (2 years).

I would like advice from those who have restored?

Was it good or bad.

Better or worse?

Also from those opposed to restoration.

Why not?

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