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SJW/5-HTP for Premature Ejac

SJW/5-HTP for Premature Ejac

I just started taking 900mg St. John’s Wort and 300mg 5-HTP daily for premature ejaculation. Just as a back story, I have really bad pe, so bad that I dream about it happening and I end up having nocturnal emissions. I sometimes don’t even make it passed putting the condom on. So before I go the Paxil/Zoloft route I wanted to try this combination which I’ve heard has some positive effects. I’ll keep you all updated as to my progress with it.

Interesting, keep us updated.

Don’t forget your kegels either. Sure at first they can make you cum quicker but eventually can lead to being the energizer bunny, going, and going, and going.

I’m up to about 600 of them a day and yesterday, popped 4 times in a row. It was almost too intense and if it had kept going, I’m certain I’d have died.

Now I understand what a woman means when she’s having multiples and needs the intensity to back off a bit because she’s cumming so hard it hurts. You know, when the nipples will cut glass, the clit is so engorged it looks like a little dick, and they are squirting while saying, “stop, no don’t stop, no stop, no don’t stop.” Yeah, that’s the way I felt.

Moral of the story - try the supplements, let us know how they work, but don’t neglect your kegels.

I practice kegels and they’ve come in handy sometimes. Its hard to keep it tense in certain positions but I find them most effective when I also squeeze my legs together (like the “pee-pee dance”).

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