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Should I

Should I

Hello guys, last year I did PE for 2 straight months and I stopped because of my girlfriend. She doesn’t like the idea of me doing exercises on my dick to make it bigger. She said I don’t need it. I feel that my cock is quite short (5” BPEL) and would love if it’s bigger. She do admit she loves monster cock from watching all the porn. However I do not feel insecure about it even when we get intimacy. So do you guys think I NEED to PE?

Thank You

What you need or not need to do, is entirely up to you. I don’t see why she would object to PE, especially if she admits to “loving monster cock” … maybe she thinks you wanting to do PE is a overt way of asking her if she thinks you are too small? I don’t know. Go for it, it increases lasting power/overall penile health - not to mention the size increase.

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There are all kinds of self improvement from the physical to mental to spiritual and the decision and choice to pursue these improvements is entirely up to you. I do PE because I am not satisfied with my flaccid and erect size and I also do physical weight training to stay strong and fit. No one can tell me I don’t need this effort, because I feel I do and I get a lot of satisfaction from achieving self improvement.

It’s your life, your body. Decide for yourself what’s best.

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Yeah, don’t listen to anyone but yourself…and maybe your mental health professional.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

You can do a search on telling wife/girlfriend on PE’ing. One reply was pretty good and said that woman might be threatened because they think their man’s size is okay, so they think you are doing this looking at the future to some other girl. However, a good replies to this comment stated that they were never offended by the bigger size in bed. Most, if not all, PE’ers will state that we do it for self confidence. Just state it in those terms and she should be cool with it, and when she feels the increasing size, she’ll definitely be cool with it.

I might be breaking a taboo here, but I prefer honesty, you are not quite small, however, you are a bit below average. If you can gain a half inch and hit average, very doable by the way (I think I’ve gained close to a 1/4 of an inch in length with a modest routine in a month and a half), or go for even bigger, should anybody tell you to stop? Most importantly, it’s not for us to tell you to to PE. Question is, do you want to PE? If the answer is yes, then do it.

Can you force your girlfriend not to get an abortion or force her not to get breast implants? No, just like those issues deal with her body, your dick is yours, not hers. I am dead serious about this. There is a great thread on the emasculation of men by their significant other. They emasculate you, then hate you for letting them do it to you. Read the threads started by wadzilla, he has a good story about getting his balls back after letting his wife crush them. I’ve got that nice guy personality, I think you might as well too, but it leads to girls running all over you.

I’ve been more aggressive with girls and they actually get a bit turned on by it. Girls do love a powerful guy; a guy who knows what he wants and does it. It’s knowing when to do it. You do it when they are encroaching a part of your life that also exists outside the relationship. Put in another way, don’t let a girl control aspects of your life that really don’t concern them or have significant consequences in their life. Girls love to mold guys, however, they don’t know what they fucking want. Things like your job or education or in this case, your body, exist outside your relationship. If you start letting them control this area of your life, which they should have no control of in the first place, they get accustomed to telling you how to live your life. Then, when actually do assert yourself, they actually get offended even though, by “disobeying her,” her life does not change in the least.

I’ll leave you with this: a girlfriend once playfully grabbed my dick and said, “This is my cock.” It turned me on, but without missing a beat, I retorted, “You may have title to it, but there is a mortgage on it, and if you don’t keep up the payments, I’ll have to sell it to the highest bidder.”

That’s my worthless two cents.


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