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Should a condom have any wrinkles when it's on?

Should a condom have any wrinkles when it's on?

Hey. I’m 5.25 MSG, and 5.6 BG, but there are still tiny wrinkles in several places along the condom when I wear standard size. Is this common? If a condom fits, does that mean it shouldn’t have any wrinkles at all? Supposedly, people 5.3 and above could fit well into a Magnum condoms, and I’m about there, so a standard size should be pretty snug. I’m postive that I’m measuring right, btw. Thanks.

Are you using ribbed condoms? Hehe Just kidding.

I’m sure some wrinkles are common because your penis isn’t a perfectly cylinder shaped object. It probably also isn’t the same constant girth throughout but at your size maybe the condoms are too small so they wrinkle up?

Check out Trojan’s website. There they have the dimensions of condoms. You’ll find very few are perfectly (evenly) cylindrical, if any are. Most are tighter at the base, so wrinkles to some degree are common. It’s been forever since I wore them, but when in use (penetration), a wrinkle or two develops.

At least for your pleasure’s sake, a less snug condom is far superior to one that’s tight.

And don’t tend to break. Now I realize why my standards were breaking when I was younger, but then again they didn’t make larger condoms (that I recall).


No. They should not have wrinkles. Every possible sq in of the condom should be consumed by the huge penis enshrined in it!

Okay, all joking aside, very little else we wear in life does not have wrinkles in it. Nothing fits perfectly.

This doesnt sound right; when I wear the regulars they are extremely tight. Sometimes they would roll back up after I put it on but I still see some placed where the condom is slightly wrinkled. Is this good or bad?

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