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She said 9


She said 9

My x gf came over the other night and she was telling me stories about her best friend who lost her virginity to this football player who is 5 foot 6, well the story goes is that he was a magnum and one of the biggest on the team( and black). So anyways the convo got to how big i wanted to be and how much she would take in. She told me that she would take in 9 inches and when she said that i was like damn… Ive made some growth from a lot of stretching but not a lot yet….and before I had talked to her I was feeling pretty good about my gains, now I’m not happy any more.

Ever sense her last sexual partner who was”huge” she said, (another black football player of course!) I have felt like she wouldnt enjoy sex with me. Hense the reason I have avoided it. Before we broke up she enjoyed it very much, and I even had sexs with her a couple of times after the last dude. But now with all her random dick talk, I’m a little insecure, and I have never been with any other girl…actually my friends say im MR. confident.

Sorry, accidently pressed the submit button….

Anyways, with all that in mind, what should I do? I know she wants to have sex with me, but at the same time I want her to enjoy it….at 6.5 erect, I still feel undersized compared to this other guy….Do girls at age 20 really have a dick fetish to the point that sex with a partner goes from awsome to soso because of a previous partner? I’m passing up sex, this is scary!

Jeez im an idiot!…..on the first thread, I said ” I havnt bee with any other girl”….well before I hit the submit button I wqas suppose to say….. I havnt been with anyother girl and not felt confident…. but all of a sudden the girl ive had sex with most Ive become uncomfortable with…now what?…Sorry

Im an idiot…3 threads for 1 message

Don’t worry about what she says. Size doesn’t really matter. How many girls have you been with?

No, size does not matter. I am also the king of France.

Dude, I have missed out on a lot of potential sex due to size anxiety, and even though I still have the same anxiety I dont care. I just wanna know what its like, dammit, thats not so much to ask is it?

Anyway, just forget it, stick it up her ass and see if she complains about it being too small, heh. In a year you might well be nine inches, who knows? Even if it takes two years, or three, or five, just think of all the time you will have to spend for the rest of your life without this anxiety. Kinda makes a little discomfort now seem insignificant, doesnt it?

Just read about technique, if you give her a damn good orgasm she will hold you in higher regard than the other dude. Get over it or you will regret it, trust me!


You know what, you should look to the future and its possibilities rather than dwelling on the past. Otherwise you will constantly be living in that specific time period, where it will just repeat itself over and over like the Mobius strip.

Rather than be stuck like this, put it behind you and move on and culture new relationships with women.

Are you still “with” your ex? Maybe you should move on, it’s your decision, though!

Personally, if I were in this situation, I wouldn’t be “with” her anymore, just so that I can have a clearer conscious as opposed to experiencing the anxiety whenever I would be with this person.

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Whoah, did you ask her how big she thinks your dick IS? I had told my last GF about PE and told her my stats. A couple months later it came up in conversation and she THOUGHT my dick was 8” (it is 6.75” BPEL)

:D :D :D

Who knows, she may think yours is already 8” and thinks she could handle another inch.

Ask her before you dump her.

Originally posted by SS4Jelq
No, size does not matter. I am also the king of France.

LMAO…hey, can you get me a line on some french hotties, then?

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

I agree with NotEnough, ask her how big she thinks you are. We all know how difficult it is to determine size without a ruler, looks can be decieving, and there is so much possibility for error, and distortion. If she can’t guess your size within an inch, then she probably would think that an 8 incher would be well over nine.

Have sex with her to improve your technique, experience and staying power.

Continue to PE to make your dick bigger.

Best of both worlds.

Asking her how big I am is a good question… To answer all your guy’s questions, Ive been with 4 people and have never felt insecure or anything like that…Im a young guy in college so doin the frat thing ad club scene is my thing….I really have no prob with girls at all, but when it comes to the X who Ive been off in on with sense highschool…….HighSCHOOL thats right, its different. Im 6.75 BPEL with decent girth… (havnt measured lately), but anyways… I think the proble is that she plays volleyball collegiatle and all her friends are big black football players (you know the stereotype) and I guess what botheres me is that with the girl I have cared most about…she will think less of me in bed… And by the way i’m half black and italian…so stereotypically how big am I suppose to be… haha…

Anyway i have no prob pullin out the dick with any other girl, but all of a sudden with her I’m a little nervous….and no we are not goin out…. we both think were ready for a more serious relationship but we dont know if with eachother…she has another football player back at school that she has gotten closer with but has not had sex….we both came home for the summer and live real close, and this other guy is in Boston….

Dude just 6 months ago I was passin out dick no problem, now all of a sudden i feel like a bitch AND ive grown sense then…what the fuck?

Oh by the way I eat pussy real well haha…..and i meant on the last thread…asking her how big i am is a good IDEA not QUESTION,,, sorry im really sick…thanks guys

I get this feeling by reading these type’s of posts that sex is a contest, man it ain’t about ego, if you hang with those sorts of chicks then you will be burned by those girls.


Wow I knew we had some important people on this forum but never imagined the King of France!

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