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Sexual trauma. need help

Sexual trauma. need help

I experienced sexual trauma about 8 months ago. What happened was that my crazy EX-GIRLFRIEND(!) grabbed my erect penis and pulled it hard downwards.
Since that day I have had few morning erections and my erection in general are not that strong. I also have slight pain in the glans and lower abdomen almost every day. The erection angle when I am standing up are the the same as before, but when I lay down on my back it seems loose at the base and not very rigid.
I have been to one urologist that injected my penis with a caverject, and took an ultrasound test. He couldn’t find anything wrong. He also gave me some cialis and told me to use the penis as much as possible, to promote erections. I haven’t had sex in 8 months, but I have masturbated gently a on regular basis, with and without cialis. I Have come to one conclusion that my suspensory ligament might have something to do with my mild ED and pain, based on this report:

I have read some of the threads on this board, and when it comes to injuries, abstinence seems to be the advise usually, so I will try that for a while.
I also have an appointment with a new urologist to discuss about my injury.

I would like to talk with someone that might have experienced the same thing. I have taken it step by step, went to a psychologist to get over depression and went to an urologist to sort out my problem. My penis is the main problem now, and I would really like know if someone has experienced the same thing and it got better over time or maybe an operation is the only answer.

Anyways, that’s my story. Thanks to those who have read.

You passed the ultrasound test. You have good arterial action. That’s good.

Masturbate when you feel like it, but don’t overdo that. What is “overdo?” I dunno. But your cock will tell you.

Sometimes a sharp movement in a direction your penis is not designed to sustain can cause a temorary lapse in function. It’ll heal. Relax your mind. Go about life’s businesses for awhile.



Give the area of your suspensatory ligament a healing massage everyday with some good quality oil (flax, coconut, or wheat germ would be my choice). Increase your uptake of high quality oils: fish oil, flax oil, and borage oil come to mind. Add to this some light kegeling. Agreed with Avocet on his points.

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I agree with your urologist on this one. For a more gentle form of masturbation and regaining erection power I thing ballooning may be your best bet. Start out with short sessions no more than ten minutes and slowly build up to whatever you think is necessary.

How to balloon:
1-gently rub the top of your penis at the base.
2- gently rub in circular motions the glans.
3- breath deeply through your nose, exhale slowly do this in the rhythm of gentle rubbing.
4- Anal breathing , puckering your anus as if passing gas in the rhythm of rubbing and circular motions.
5- what to expect, really hard erections and intense pleasure.

Did your doctor say it was OK to take aspirin before masturbation, or for the pain in your penis?

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Phallimax, I really feel for you man. I hope things get better.

Like your urologist, I believe that everything is in working condition, though it will take some time to heal properly.

Have you considered heating your member with infrared light or a hot towel. This should accelerate the healing process.

For blood flow, you might consider packing up with some ginseng and garlic.

I believe promoting more erection will definitely help. More oxygenated blood will be pumped into your penis, a good thing.

Hope you get better.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Thanks for the response guys.

I could start to take viagra (cialis stays to long in the system for me) at night to promote erections.

I do get get spontaneous ones with cialis/ viagra also, so my ED is not so severe. I am over it mentally, simply because if you think about too much it will destroy your body and mind. The brain is the most powerful organ.

I also see hope with the operation, if this is a permanent damage to my penis and the ligament.

My conclusion is that 8 months is bit too long of healing time that this will get better.

I don’t know, if I could get my stability back in the penis, and the rest of ED “cured” with viagra I could live with that.

Not the worst thing that could happen, but of course, NOT happy about it at the moment.

I will keep you posted, since this is definitely a long term/ permanent injury

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