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Settling Scores


a lease option so you can turn her in after 3 years. I figure after 3 years she will be fully Americanized and at that point a pain in the ass.

That was perfect, I love that.


Perfect, but “ouch.” :-)



There is really only one girl in my past that I would love to go back specifically to prove something. I did her no good at all then, but I’m pretty sure I could now :)

Trade ins


A trip to the Philippines is what you should will have no problem meeting girls that want to marry you.If it dosn’t work out go back again.The supply of talented good looking girls there is unlimited


I have a Philippino friend and he tells me that all the time, I went out with a Philippino girl a long time ago she was sweet and a beauty unique blend of Spanish and Asian. Dam those Spaniards got around.

Meeting girls is not a problem, it’s the part after that that gets a little confusing.


Just curious, any of you guys gone from small or normal to monster and then actually gone back to some one that dissed you? I mean like gained 3+ inches and f*cked someone that gave you sh*t? what kind of reaction do you get with a dick so much bigger that they have got to know it is different. Everyone knows that you can’t get a bigger unit, so if you insist that it was always that big…lol. What a mind f*ck.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Me and the wife were separated for almost a year and before that we didn’t have sex for about 3 months do to the fact that we hated each other. So I had over a year and I made some noticably gains. I had told her about pe while we were separated it’s funny but it was the first time I could talk to her in years. So when we tried to get back together which lasted 3 fun filled months the first week we had some really good sex, the rest of the time it didn’t matter about the size we were back to really not being able to stand each other. I know she thinks about my dick alot because last night I was over the house to see my kids and I was wearing tight jeans and I busted her checking my crotch out a couple of times. But my wife uses sex to get stuff it’s a weapon or a reward for her, and it’s a shame she does enjoy it. She has always said my dick was the perfect size for her, but she said that when I 6.25x5 and than 7.5x5.5 and than 8x6.5 so I know she was full of shit and she likes it bigger much better. This last time we were together all I had to do to get her to cum was bury my cock up the hilt and slowly grind it around and she would lose it. I didn’t use to be able to do that.



Whoops! This was actually supposed to be a reply to my post “Settling Scores”, but I must’ve hit “new thread” instead of “reply”. Sorry!

In response to the last poster:

I’d like to able to do that one day… make a chick cum just by putting it in. It works with young girls who are very orgasmic, but I’m talkin’ about the older ones, the ones who have had it all already… to be able to make a dent in a girl that’s “been through the mill”.
I always used to feel in the shadow of all my ex’s past lovers. I would hate myself while having sex, thinking that my dick isn’t doing anything. One of these days, I’ll get to the point where it won’t worry me anymore. But it’s slow going.

Originally posted by Dino9X7

Thanks nice site, I wonder if any of these places have a lease option so you can turn her in after 3 years. I figure after 3 years she will be fully Americanized and at that point a pain in the ass.


You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

I feel ya on that

You have no idea how bad i would love to go to my ex and be like “well now, lookie here, looks like your gonna be missin out” There are girls with venom out there nonetheless I would love to be the anti-venom to that and make them feel like not only did they lose something good but they are missin out on a new and improved guy with a big cock to boot.

Psycho-bitch was the appropriate term and oddly enough i pray and will continue to jelq among other things to reach at least 8”. i have the 6” circumference but that added self-esteem would be a kick in the ass to my and plenty of your ex’s as well.



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