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Here’s a major subject which, strangely, it seems to be discussed so few times here (or it’s just I can’t search proper keywords).

What are the consequences of PEing on your penis sensitivity?
How long do you usually last in sex, and have you experienced any change with PE?

I’m asking because sometimes I fear I could desensitize myself; I already last (too?) long, which really is worst then lasting short. In the latter case you can just do it again, in the former.. Well, for myself it’s very hard to reach the climax with oral stimulation, and often sex ends up into some kind of strong physical effort.

I honestly think the length you last is directly related to your psychological state. If we kegel to gain more control over ejaculation then I don’t believe PE would increase or decrease your sensitivity. I’m just speculating and I invite a rebuttal.

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If you avoid damaging your nerve bundles you should be ok. Though I do think one can just get used to manual stimulation, and so have trouble getting off from sex—-but that’s more of a masturbation thing than a PE thing.

I have found things like proper pumping and kegels INCREASE my sensitivity. Some guys find from doing kegels they almost become too sensitive in that they complain of cumming too quickly.

I don’t think everyone is effected that way, but a significant portion find they become more sensitive from kegels, and pumping.

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