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Seminal Kung Fu and Crown Chakra Orgasms


Why would someone spend 10 years trying to master this, hours a day? I would think that most would give up after a short amount of time. 10 years to me is not worth anything.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Originally Posted by zaneblue
I’m sorry I hurt you, my goodness. Many men who use the Aneros feel nothing. When men do talk about the orgasms given by the Aneros, from what I’ve read there they do not consider them CCO’s, they call them prostate orgasms. What some of the men there said was that having the ability to have prostate orgasms woke up their tantric ability and they were then able to successfully have CCO’s, which they felt at the top of their skull. I don’t know enough about about male CCO’s to say definitively that they were having them; I was just reporting hearsay. You obviously are an expert on this, so if you say they were not having them, I certainly believe you. For that matter, I believe you if you say what I’m experiencing isn’t tantric—although it certainly is quite peculiar, physiological and very orgasmic.

I have 3 aneros and all 3 of them do absolutely NOTHING. The biggest waste of money and a pure piece of sh*t (pardon my french)

I don’t believe just anyone can do this. I believe you have to have the right plumbing. All the pills, the maca, this root, that root, all the wasted money. All the stuff is absolute garbage. I wish I could achieve what your talking about in this thread, and I’m very spiritual and can get into a trance state rather quicky and literally make my body disappear. However as far as directing any energy down below. For me? Not gonna happen. I’m just one of the ones that simply can not do it. I’ve read the thread on balooning for months and tried the techniques listed by werner and none of it works.

Not saying that it doesn’t, but for some, it’s just no use, like me.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

With regard to the Aneros, and prostate stimulation, there are guys who just aren’t comfortable with something up their ass. I am, at this stage of my life, pretty damned open-minded and uninhibited, and hedonistic enough to try anything I judge objectively to be safe, in my quest for higher highs. I am a definite proponent of what many call tantric sex, and of edging, and I agree that edging alone is not the same thing. The measure is, after a man has come back to earth after a session of erotic arousal and ecstasy, is he refreshed, or are his genitals still congested? When I masturbate, and when I have sex, with foreplay, oral, and fucking, I strive to take my time and to enjoy the journey. Yes, I concentrate on my partner, as her (or his) excitement and arousal, and her (his) responses to that arousal, are exciting to me and spur me on to a higher level, generally causing feelings in my loins at the root of my cock which add to my own arousal. However, at the same time I do pay some subconscious attention to my breathing, to contractions in my bulbocavernosus muscle, to precum working it’s way up my urethra and out the slit - I am not a spectator exactly, but in a measure I become somewhat out-of-body, directing the activities of my anatomy. I visualize the congestion and pleasure - the energy - the chi - in my groin and genitals, and consciously “pump” it back to my spinal cord, then upward to my heart and brain. This process continues throughout my session, which can sometimes go on for 4 or more hours, although generally about an 90 minutes or so, and my goal is to diffuse this energy, which does indeed become an “orgasm,” throughout my body. Although I do not always ejaculate, fluids do issue from my urethra. I have friends who swear by the Aneros, and I have tried direct stimulation of my prostate during sex and masturbation, even when I am experiencing an orgasmic plateau, and it adds nothing, although of course my prostate is involved in orgasm (both with and without ejaculation). It is not that my anus is dead, as I very much enjoy teasing, touching, rimming, and gentle probing digital or lingual stimulation of my hole, but it’s erogenous area does not extend inward beyond the sphincters.

I disagree with tantric mentors who claim preservation of semen is the key to success. I can ejaculate after a session of prolonged orgasm and still feel refreshed. Likewise I can orgasm without unloading and never get the “blue balls.” After one ejaculation, I can go for another, and the quantity and quality of the load is determined to the amount of time and erotic energy put into the journey. I also work hard to maintain my general, cardiovascular, and mental health, and find sex very compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

- Rip

Quite a post Rip, I like.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

well I’m not uncomfortable with stuff up there either. I’ve been putting stuff up there forever and it feels good. I just don’t get the stuff people are referring to in this thread. I think that there are some that “just don’t get it”, me being one of them. I have control over myself. I’m the opposite of most guys. I have always taken forever to orgasm. 99% of the time I’ve left any woman I’ve been with absolutely legless. However this cosmic orgasm stuff really pisses me off because I just don’t get it and I’m not wasting any more money on even a $20 book that will yeild no results.

I beleive my body is contaminated with many years of unhealthy living @ 36. I’m tired of this and after my vacation, I’m giving up meat, cigarettes, pills, prescription meds, pot and going on a raw juice fast for 10 days followed by a raw diet thereafter for as long as it’s needed. Not that I live that unhealthy now, but I just don’t feel as good as I should @ 36 with 14% body fat.


Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Kevin -

Good plan mate. Nothing beats good health and healthy living. Best to look after all systems. As I don’t smoke and don’t do drugs (not adverse to a little weed, but can’t do it much due to my job), I look on it as my responsibility to keep the infrastructure in good shape so I can enjoy the important things in life, namely sex, family, sex, kids, sex, mate, sex, work, sex, friends, sex - think you get the idea! Ultimately a healthy lifestyle reinforces itself, so I break into a big sweat riding my bicycle against a headwind, then soar as I free-fall down a hill, and it makes my dick hard! The more time a guy’s dick stays erect or semi, the heavier it hangs, and it gets bigger. Likewise the more intense the arousal, the thicker, longer and harder your junk gets.

- Rip

Kazooplayer -

Glad you liked it mate. I’m a sincere and dedicated cocksman and masturbator, and always try to search for ecstasy without chemicals. Thankful for my Y-chromosome, and love my junk. Losing my homophobia since age 40, and identify with a masculine brotherhood that appreciates their genitalia as both seeker and giver of pleasure.

- Rip

P.S. Love to play with my kazoo (and have it played)!


I get this warm tingling sensation (sometimes quite intense) in my feet when I stimulate only my glans. Anyone have any ideas on what sort of energy this is or what I might be able to develop with it?

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I read this book a week ago and would be much obliged if a few other members would read it as well and and we could post our questions and advice in this thread. You can read the book free online—just type “tao sex chia” into google and find the link a few results down. (I don’t know if I’m allowed to link there, especially with this being my first post.) Much of the book is full of ridiculous Taoist nonsense, and the explanations of the practices are vague, which is why I think there would be a great benefit to having several people on here for discussion so that it doesn’t take each of us ten years to learn the tricks, as the OP claims it took him. I await responses.

I hate political correctness with a passion but I have to step in here.

Some people take that “ridiculous Taoist nonsense” as their true beliefs.

The book is free here:…e-Sexual-Energy

Sleepy, I’m not trying to be provocative—what I meant by Taoist nonsense is Chia’s advice on how men can cure impotence by exposing their erect penis to the morning sunlight to absorb it’s chi, or how homosexuals can get their yin energy (which heterosexual men get from women through sex) by getting on all fours on the dirt and drawing the earth’s yin energy up through their penis—this, of course, increases longevity and revitalizes the kidneys. The book is full of red-herring nonsense like that which undermines the apparent legitimacy of the techniques that are valuable and which I believe work, although I don’t believe their function has anything to do with chi or harmony with the universe or anything else Chia believes makes them work. Posting to this board is my attempt to get some people to work together to tease out what is valuable from the book and share a distilled and possibly enhanced version of what the book presents.

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Originally Posted by kfarrelldba
I’m very spiritual and can get into a trance state rather quicky and literally make my body disappear.


TMT, no offense taken. Often the most profound truths are wrapped up in metaphor that makes no sense to someone born of a different culture. For example, when a person of another religion picks up a bible for the first time and reads passages like “washed in the blood”, “born again”, “take up the cross”, etc, they are probably thinking “wtf” ? When Chia says expose the member to sunlight, you might look at it like this. The sun has always been a source/symbol of masculinity. Increasing one’s T levels would contribute to their masculinity. Taking herbal supplements to increase T would help with Erectile Disfunction. I realize that is quite a stretch in logic but perhaps that’s how you should look at it. Just a thought.

I dabbled in this stuff a few years ago to “prepare myself” if you will for a certain lady. The basic idea is to train yourself to come very close to the point of ejaculation and then backing off and redirecting the “energy”, if you will, somewhere else. You will eventually become quite comfortable with teetering around the point of no return, so to speak, and once I achieved this I stopped caring about the practices, basically.


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