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Seltzer water.


The only issue I see with a water only carbonated drink is the lowered PH, which is a minor issue compared to most carbonated drinks. Water itself has a low osmotic load. Most carbonated drinks have all kinds of additives that give it a higher osmotic load, which means it can’t dilute the blood too well or enhance vascular health like water can.

High acidity is a good thing in the stomach as that’s what helps turn solid food into digestible puree (antacids really screw things up here), but anywhere else and acid is not good, and that includes the esophageal sphincter where many people complain of acid issues. So, I guess the trick is to get the blood more alkaline without messing up your digestion, or at least to do it between meals possibly? (I’m just throwing ideas around at this point).

Liver cleanse is something I too am interested in, but know little of as yet. It’s only recently that it’s dawning on me how pivotal liver function is just about any ailment you can think of. I’m beginning to wonder if when thirty somethings compain of not being able to take the alcohol like they used to, and also start to get the middle aged spread, that it is in large part liver function(?) I think the liver should be a large consideration in weight control, but as yet I’ve not researched it.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but a tea drinker. I was recently complaining about how tea bags don’t hit the mark like ‘the old days’ with properly brewed tea, so for christmas I got a tea pot and some ‘proper’ tea (have you noticed how hard to come by tea strainers and tea cosys are these days :) ). Anyway, the point being that the water is pretty hard around here, so I’m in the market for a water filter, and any advice on brands, ozonated or otherwise would be much appreciated.

Here is a post I made a post sometime back here that is slightly related: Cancer prevention and cure (!)


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EZ Rider:

I have not spoken with the guy in over a year. He keeps “to himself” for the most part. As for knowledge base, he is one of those guys from “the old school”. If you google acid/alkaline balance or alkaline foods, you will see all the information you need. Him, like myself is also a trial an error guy. He sits back like I do and sees who is healthy, vibrant, and who is not, and then looks at their diet. It is not just acid alkaline principle at work, it is everything that makes up our system. Calories, Carbs, Carcinogens, all of it.

Also, I will try not to get off on the conspiracy tip too much. :leftie: But, there are so many carcinogens, and/or harmful radicals out there in the water, food, drink nowadays which partially explains the skyrocketing cancer rate. I’m sure I’ve bored everybody to death when the Darkness Forum was open with my MSG rants. But, it’s out there. Headaches, Brain Lesions, and addictions to foods which are not good for you. There is little regulation on this. And therein lies the problem. I’m guilty of it at times. The food that is the worst for us, tastes so goddamn good. And the food that is best for us, is not usually the best tasting food. So we wrestle with this choice everyday.

I’m guilty as the next man of the coke and soda thing. Up until 5 months ago, I used to drink at least 2 cans a day. I finally kicked that habit, hopefully, for good. I continually turned my back on the fact that if you leave just a mouthful of coke on car paint for a few hours, it will eat right through it.


Yes, there is acid in the stomach. However, indigestion/hiatal hernias/acid reflux come from two things. Not enough acid in the stomach, or not enough base in the stomach. This was shown beautifully by Kevin Trudeau of fame. He said that these antacids reduce the acid in your stomach, thereby making less acid to digest with. So, a teaspoon of vinegar cured his problem back in the day. On the flip side, you may just have to much acidic food going down, as I had once. I drank a base, or neutral water, and presto, no more burn. Orange Juice for example is a crazy one. It’s has acidic traits, and taste, but actually has an alkaline PH level.

As for alkaline water, I think you can get a similar effect by supplementing your diet with magnesium, potassium, and other alkaline minerals and elements. I still have more research to do on this.

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I first discovered liver cleanses and stuff at curezone about five years ago. At the time, it was too weird for me I guess, but about a year ago I decided to say screw it to all the irrational fears and try it. No regrets. Some cleanses are better than others and you have a dud occasionally. All my flushes are documented in there this last year or so, but I’m not ‘electron’ over there and haven’t been participating as much since I’ve been over here. :) Maybe you can figure out who I am! AHH!

Focus on two places in the beginning: first, the liver forum. I actually went all the way back to liver forum #1, and read everything all the way through. You get a good idea what does what, who’s too scared, and who the good people are, to ask questions from later. Second, in the blue bar at the top, it says “cleanses” so you click on that. That gives an overview of the most common cleanses. I was also reading the kidney, parasite and “ask Shelley” forum a lot back then. One or two of my articles got marked with the “recommended” rating.

I have lost 30 pounds this last year (a first for me) mostly mucoid plaque (MP) as they call it. My allergies have all but vanished, and lately I have been noticing that my age spots are slowly fading, and it seems to be in reverse order from how they appeared. I’ve seen it for myself now, no more wondering or taking anybody’s word for it. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me. :)

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