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Secjay's "stimulation bridging" technique for inexperienced females

Secjay's "stimulation bridging" technique for inexperienced females

Hey guys, this thread may not be relevant to those married couples who have attained sexual perfection, but I thought it might be handy for those with girlfriends who are “new” to the sex thing, and are having trouble “geting off”, especially the younger guys on here.

Background: My girlfriend and I have been going out for one year. When we first started doing sexy stuff, she had never had any type of orgasm (@ 19 y.o!). She had never masturbated either. She though oral sex was yucky and didn’t even let me try for quite some time.

Eventually I got her to let me, and even though she said it didn’t feel like much, I persisted and eventually she admitted to liking it, and eventually she came, which was wonderful. But she could still only cum from direct clitoral stimulation.

Now: Recently we started to work on getting her to cum with me inside her (not from clitoral stimulation, but vaginal)

This is my technique that worked. I will call it “Secjay’s bridging technique” just because I wanted to shamelessly slap my name on something! :D
Note that the “steps” should take (for me, took) as long as it takes. Try a new step every time you’re together:

step 1: Normal oral sex - direct stimulation of the clitoris with the tongue, but towards the ‘end’, put a finger inside her gently.

step 2: Same as step 1, but lightly move your finger around, rubbing her G-spot.

step 3: Focus more on the G-spot stimulation towards the end, and go lighter on the clitoris.

step 4: Same as step 3, but when she is nearing orgasm (within 30 seconds of it) stop clitoral stimulation as much as possible, preferrably altogether, and focus on her G-spot. You may have to rub quite hard and fast.

Once these steps are completed, she will have an awakening of sorts. My girl certainly did. (Note that I didn’t follow these steps precisely, it took a few weeks in total and it sort of varied between days)

Our experience post bridging:

I licked her for quite a while, while fingering her G-spot. She was well turned on and orgasm was within sight.

I then mounted her from behind, and with a very sharp angle, thrusted into her G-spot while she continued to rub her clitoris with her fingers.

After a little while, her hands got tired and she stopped rubbing. I actually didn’t notice she had stopped. Shortly after, she started screaming “I’m cumming!” and she came with me!

This was her first orgasm that was not directly clitoral. It was necessary to stimulate it to get her close, but in the end it was G-spot based.

From the amount of noise she made, I know she really enjoyed herself!!!
It was the first time that we came together, with me inside her. And it was fantastic. :)

The only trouble now is that she has become addicted! It has only been 2 days since it happened, and she is constantly jumping me and sticking her tongue down my throat! *FUCKING FANTASTIC!* :D

I hope this story will give someone some inspiration or ideas to try out and get to do with their partner!

This is totally awesome, man.

My new girlfriend and I just started having sex. While she has had orgasms before and does know about, and enjoy, masturbation, she still is unable to come without direct clitoral stimulation.

Gonna start working this in and see what happens.

If it does I’ll be the first to say aloud, “Secjay’s Stimulation Bridging really works!”


Darklin Sithas


Originally posted by Darklin Sithas

If it does I'll be the first to say aloud, “Secjay's Stimulation Bridging really works!”

You might want to wait until your girlfriend is out of the room when you say that! :D

Hey - Cool post, Secjay :up: You found your woman’s “combination”… good work!

Hey Secjay, I do something similar to my girlfriend:

I start out by doing oral on her. After however long it takes for her to build up to orgasm, I stop completely for a few seconds, then restart and build her back up. (NOTE: This is cruel, but it intensifies her orgasms. Back to story…) After I hear her beg for me to keep going, I wait until she is ready to orgasm, and I get up on my knees (her laying down—from a side view, our bodies make a 90 degree angle). I rub my cock on her pussy to get nice and hard (if I’m not already), then I slide in and thrust only in the first few inches of her pussy. Now, when I’m rock hard, my erections are straight up, so I’m basically rubbing her G-spot when I do this. Next, I take my thumb and rub her clit as I do short thrusts (slow to medium pace).

I was doing this one time, and as soon as I heard her scream, “Oh fuck!,” I suddenly felt this incredible warmth covering my cock. I looked down, and I saw this pearly-white liquid squirting onto my cock as I thrusted. It freaked me out because I thought I came without orgasming, but it was all her. Haven’t been able to get the same effect since, but damn! it was awesome!

Secjay, that’s pretty cool. Women generally take longer than men to get worked up. I like your technique of teasing her. I’ve been doing the basically the same for years so i know it works. Most men want to ram it in, pump a few times and blow their load. We all know that’s not what women need. Most women.

Let me add another level to your technique. Lay on your back, legs together. Let her sit on top. This position is easier for lots of women to cum because it presses her clit onto your pelvic bone. My girl likes to sit upright, and grind her pussy onto my dick. It gives more of a circular motion rather than in & out. My girl will get very close to cumming and stop. After she does this 3-5 times, she starts shaking all over, and she begs me to make her cum, and she cums like a volcano. I can’t say enough about this building up and stopping. It really primes both your pumps.


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for the response, guys.

This method works for us, of course. Maybe it’s not perfected yet, but it’s on the right track. It just seems to work with our anatomies (the position)

since my dick is long and curves down, doggy style allows me to hit her Gspot hard, and not go too deep.

But compatibility will be a major issue with different couples.

But I think the key is both the building up, the teasing, and focussing on making her happy first, but preferably at the same time…

Licking my girl to orgasm is fine, it’s great to make her happy. But at the same time, it is much better together.

Hey Secjay! Great post. I have gotten to your step 3 and it seems to be quite efficient even though I just read your post today. There is a lot of truth to what ya posted and I will work at that seeing as i have gotten my g/f to almost cum when i was in her however she couldnt quite reach it.

I shall venture into the depths of the mysteries of the vagina and accomplish this rare but seemingly awesome event.



You the man, your turning into a “Stud”

I am only just realising how to “Unleash the power, of the ultimate lover!”


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