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Scientifically accepted way of judging "virility"

Scientifically accepted way of judging "virility"

Sorry for the tabloid-like headline! A renowned German news magazine (similar to “Time Magazine” in the US) has published an article which talks about recognizing virility attributes in men by looking at the length difference between the index finger and the ring finger. It cites some scientist who were sceptical at first but showed in systematic investigation series that there is a correspondence between the length difference and testosterone-controlled characteristics like spatial imagination.
The reason seems to be be that some of these characteristics, as well as the length difference, are “set” in a very early phase of the fetus development, depending on how much Testosterone the embryo is exposed to during that time. One scientist says that looking at the finger length difference is like looking at a coarse hormone level sample of the individual during its early months of development.
In short, the more testosterone, the bigger the size difference.

I am wondering whether this also has influence on the penis size. This would finally be a way for guys and girls seeking a (male) partner to judge his size before he undresses…

The article:…,362762,00.html

We had a poll here about that.

So many ditgital studies have been done looking to find links to various things, including penis size.

One fairly recent one showed a relationship to ring finger and middle finger size. If they are the same length or nearly (mine are), odds are higher that the finger-owner is gay. I have both a straight brother and a gay brother. They both have the same finger anomaly as I. I wonder what stock, really, we can put into fingers and feet and noses, and the rest.



I think there is something in it when there is a traceable connection between the features and the testosterone level early during fetal development. As most statistics, they are only generalizations and, as your brothers’ example shows, there is always someone where it does not fit.


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