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Say cheese?

Say cheese?

I was about to go down on my girlfriend when I open her up and see these white strips of “whateverthehellitis” lying inside the folds of her pussy. She had just taken a shower too, and in all honesty, she still had a strong stink down there.

Now I’ve heard of dick-cheese on uncut guys, but I was about to practice on some oral on her since I’m a newbie and all, but that really made me gag. I opted for fingers instead. I’m afraid to ask or say anything to her. Anybody know what it is?!

Have you noticed a sore throat after eating her out on previous encounters?

She may have a yeast infection.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Sounds to me like some normal vaginal discharge. Politely ask her to clean a bit more thoroughly, its a hard angle to clean, hopefully she wont get offended.

She cleans up = she gets more head. Simple.


Also it could have been soap, but that wouldn’t explain the smell :-k


It is some sort of female infection, and she should do something to clear it up.

So your saying yeast doesn’t give you a rise?

From reading those links, it’s concluded that the “cheese” is indeed smegma. The same stuff uncut men have. The site also says that having the cheese doesn’t mean low hygene, it’s a self defense mechanism against bacteria. I guess it brings a whole new meaning to “eating pussy.” I’m sorry but I rather keep my cheese on crackers and in sandwiches.

I was willing to forgo the smell of her taco but the cheese topping ended it for me. :(

It still could be a yeast infection. Why not be honest and up front with her? Ask her if she might have a yeast infection. Tell her you want to give her pleasure orally, but not if she’s having a problem. Having a yeast infection isn’t her fault, so hopefully you asking about it won’t make her feel bad.

If it is smegma, well… I’m not into pussy so I can’t make any suggestions about what to do in that case.


One word: analingus!

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