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Saw palmetto and my prostate

Saw palmetto and my prostate

I am 53 years old and have been noticing a decrease in my urine flow which results in a longer time to empty the old bladder. I have known about the effect Saw Palmetto has on reducing the size of an enlarged prostate that can restrict urine flow. So today I have researched it a bit and have ordered my first batch of Saw Palmetto to see if it helps out.

I was lucky enough to run across a site that lead me to that tested a bunch of Saw Palmetto products to see if they had the right amount of Saw Palmetto and also contained 85-95% fatty acids and sterols that are required to make the product effective in the treatment of enlarged prostate. I also found out that the effective dose is 320 mg of Saw Palmetto per day.

So anyways, pills that passed the test will get here this coming week and after 4 to 6 weeks, I will report back in to let you guys know if I am pissing like a race horse again. I hope so.

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Which brand did you order?

Here’s a strange but interesting site on how to clean one’s prostate:


I started taking saw palmetto years ago after I had read it can help prevent prostate cancer. Since cancer runs in my family, like it does in so many families, I thought it might be a good addition to my supplements for prevention. I never thought I had much of a peeing problem before, but when I’m taking it I definitely can tell a difference. I begin urinating quicker, and the flow is much better. I’ve always just bought some at the store and have used various brands. There could have been a difference in effectiveness between them, but if so I wasn’t paying close enough attention to know now.

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Keep Googling- if I recall correctly Saw Palmetto can reduce testosterone levels. I’m using Pygeum Extract instead.

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Which brand did you order?

The NOW brand, by Now Foods.

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Keep Googling- if I recall correctly Saw Palmetto can reduce testosterone levels. I’m using Pygeum Extract instead.

I saw one short blurp on a possible testosterone lowering, but a lot more suggesting that is can actually increase your libido. I will have to look into the Pygeum Extract too. I haven’t heard about that one. Thanks

I had a talk with my uro about saw palmetto back when my prostate was inflammed and enlarged.

His feeling was that it can’t hurt in the short run, and that some of his patients have got relief from their own symptoms, similar to yours- better pee stream. I took it a month. It may have helped or not. Can’t tell you for sure.

What did help for sure at that time was frequent ejaculations; pretty much instant relief; stronger pee stream.

My intuition, because of something I read somewhere from a source I apparently trusted is that long-term use of saw palmetto is not necessarily a good thing. I am tryng to track down the T loss aspect. Will let you know if I find anything valid.




The ejaculation trick doesn’t work for me. It might be connected with the antihistamines and decongestants I am taking for allergies.

So far, I haven’t read any down side to Saw Palmetto as far as long term use, but if you find something, I appreciate your input.

Could be the decongenstants.

I looked up several posts today from other boards I belong to. S. Palmetto seems to be best used in the short run, then drop it. There is annecdotal evidence that S. P. can begin to tap into erectile function and libido in some men when taken over months or longer. I can’t verify that myself, having taken it only for about 4 weeks. No negatives during that time; maybe some positives.

Don’t make it a habit, is all I am suggesting.

Also, in spite of an annoyingly slow pee stream, continue to stay very well hydrated.




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