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Rogain and other hair regaining products work?

Rogain and other hair regaining products work?

Well? Anyone have experience with Rogaine or a similar hair restoring product?

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403 has done Nisim before, it works, but like most everything else, takes time.

I know of a couple of other guys who use Rogaine, and I don’t know what their results were.

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Rogaine seemed to stop my hairloss when I started it about 8 years ago. It did not seem to grow hair on my head, but I do have more hair on my shoulders and back than before Rogaine.

I’m now using finasteride too, and seem to be growing hair on my head where it hasn’t been for a long time.

Rogaine seemed to stop my hairloss when I started it to. But when I quit using it my hair started to fall back out.

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Proxiphen (prescription from Dr. Peter Proctor in Houston) plus Propecia…stopped my thinning hair dead in it’s tracks and I got some regrowth to boot. Hopefully your thinning on top because there ain’t much that helps with a receding hairline (yet).

Nizoral AD also works. My hair was falling out ,but it stopped falling out after I started using this stuff. I found out about it on a bodybuilding forum. I get mine at Wally World. It is an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains 1% ketoconazole. This stuff has a side effect though, KEEPS YOUR HAIR FROM FALLING OUT!!!!!!!

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A propecia user reports

I’ve always had thick hair, so when it started to thin out in my mid forties, I decided to use rogaine first. Rogaine did halt my hair thinning, but it dried out my scalp. So, I decided to move on to Propecia (finasteride). This has worked much better and more easily. One pill/day and my thinning stopped. I also grew back some of the hair which I had lost. It’s been about 6 years of regular use, I still have a decent head of thick hair, and I have had no negative sexual side effects from propecia other than a reduction of the total amount of cum that I produce when I orgasm. But this could also be do to the fact that I have also gotten older.


To improve your hairline, a combination therapy is the best hope. I’m using sprionolactone cream, rogaine, and finasteride. This combo does work for many.

I also use Nizoral shampoo a couple times per week.

I’ve been on Propecia for about 2 years now, and have had great results. (No more shedding!) I have also been using Nizoral with 2% Ketoconzole (I get it from which seems to be helping make things a little thicker.


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