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Roaccutane Users

Roaccutane Users

Hey guys! I have just finished my course of Roaccutane & thought it was great for tackling Acne. Within the first month my moderate/severe acne had diminished to a minor few spots. The problem is that I had a check up half way through to see how I was getting on & that I wasn’t to prone to getting the symptoms of

Red patches
Dry Nose
Dry Eyes
Nose Bleeds
Dry skin

Luckily I only got dry nose, red & dry skin areas & a few nose minor nose bleeds. When I was asked how much tablets did I have left to take I made a complete crap guess, I said around “20” so I was given another “50” or so. I think I may have slightly overdosed with Roaccutane because my face looks very flushed, sunburnt even & my eyes are in a weird state, I think it’s because of the tablets because they feel dry. I am blinking alot & squeezing my eyelids hard. My family think it is just the medication, if I can suffer enough I’ll wait till Monday but I wondered if this sounded similar to any Roaccutance users.


Hey Hugh:
I have used this stuff for two major series and three minor cycles. You can only tell if you “overused” it by having a blood test.

It worked great for me and I wish I would have used it earlier in my life. However, I have suffered from extreme oily skin all my life and have just started using the first product to EVER help my skin. It’s called Fanie ( and it’s the only thing that has helped (besides major Accutane), and I have tried everything.

I don’t sell the stuff and have no financial interest, but the reason it works is that a lot of people are sensitive to the residue from soaps and cleansers. Then, you start a cylce to combat the problem and it’s a Catch-22 for your entire life. Take it from me, I have tried everything.

Feel free to write me at if you have any questions.


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